Twins Decided To Get Pregnant With The Same Man, So Their Children Will Look Alike!

July 05, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

These girls are Anna and Lucy DeCinque. They own the title of the most identical twins, but it was not nature that ordered it. The fact is that earlier in their appearance there were some differences, but then they spent a quarter of a million dollars on plastic surgery to become as similar as possible.

They do not only have the same appearance but also they have one beloved man.

But this is not enough for them, now they want to get pregnant at the same time, without using IVF.

They decided to get pregnant with the same man so their children will look alike.

It may seem a difficult task because you can't play with nature, but the girls are sure that they will succeed.

After this statement, people started to criticize them a lot. Tell me, do you think this is normal?

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