This Boy, Who Suffered From A Rare Genetic Disease, Became A Hero!

July 10, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

The 26-year-old boy named Jono Lancaster, who lives in the UK, has a rare genetic disease called treacher collins syndrome.

Being adopted by his mum Jean Lancaster only 36 hours after his biological parents bailed on him, the boy grew up with certain fears.

People mocked him, and it made him shy.

At age 19 he got his first job in a bar. We can imagine what drunk people can say to him. Then he started to drink a lot. 

But everything has changed. There were a lot of nice people, who were interested in his condition. 

He completed a diploma in sports science and became a fitness instructor. 

His condition did not stop him from having a pretty girlfriend, good work and a lot of friends. He met his girlfriend Laura in a gym.

His girlfriend always supported him. They plan a wedding.

He takes care of children suffering from the same disease.

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