This Baby Girl Was Nicknamed "Einstein No. 2" Due To Her Hair

July 06, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Shilah from Illinois was born with a rare genetic mutation, which is also called "uncombable hair syndrome." Her hair looks like a challenge to gravity, and it's impossible to brush it, reports Fox News.

The one-and-a-half-year-old Taylor McGowan is one of the few children around the world with this feature. Her white hair always stands on end, despite all the efforts of her parents to somehow arrange them. Thanks to her charming, she always attracts the attention of strangers.

"Wherever we go, people can not help commenting on my girl's hair. However, not all of them are kind. Some people ask if she puts her fingers in the socket."

Parents have repeatedly tried to manage her hair, using all sorts of balsams, shampoos, mousses. However, everything was in vain. As a result, the family reconciled with the hair of their little daughter, who was nicknamed "Einstein No. 2".

"In the end, we just gave up and dressed her like Albert Einstein on Halloween. She does not like it very much when her hair is laid, so we decided to let her be so wild and free. The hairstyle completely characterizes this little hooligan."

Shilah was born without hair, but at the age of five months they began to grow straight out and became even blonder. Her parents have straight brown hair. According to the Institute of Human Genetics, only 100 such mutations are registered in the world.

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