These Spirits Have A Message For You! Choose A Card And Get It!

July 02, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Choose one spirit intuitively and get your message!

Card 1.

You probably think that being a spiritual person, you must be a vegetarian, say "good" words and be humble. All these beliefs do not allow you to live freely. 
It is very important to understand that we are all spiritual beings; what happens in life is called the expansion of consciousness. When someone decides to become a vegan or stop badly speaking about someone, it all comes from a deep faith in his soul.

Card 2.

You are trying to find yourself, to see your soul and say: yes, it's me. You know that we are all spiritual beings. Breaking up social or family chains you may find yourself in this world, but on the other hand, that kind of life may be heavy. Follow your path. You have done a great job with yourself! And now you can see how your life will be managed by love and peace and harmony.

Card 3.

Maybe consciously or unaware of this, you have understood that we are all spiritual beings. You must have a clear mind and always walk with a smile. You realized that we are people and process is a part of our life. We can walk angry, be upset, make money, go on vacation and so on. Life is all about living in diversity!

Translation and Adaptation by Soul Post

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