The Father Of 9 Children Demanded A Divorce After He Found Out That He Had Been Infertile All His Life!

July 02, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

It is difficult to imagine how a resident of a small Moroccan town of Sidi Slimane and a father of nine children feel himself when he learned that all his children were not really his. We will just tell this scandalous story worthy of the Mexican TV shows and published in the newspaper Al-Massae.

This dramatic story began when a fifty-odd year Moroccan man (The name is not called) decided to undergo a medical examination. In general, many problems begin with a medical examination. The doctors were troubled by the tightening of one of the testicles, and they performed a series of analysis.

It turned out that the problem is not dangerous and it is quite possible to live and work with it. But it turned out another: The man is infertile since his birth. A question arises: how he could have 9 children?

Of course, the hero of our story did not believe any doctors. He went to another clinic to confirm the diagnosis. And other doctors confirmed the diagnosis. The situation became dangerous when third doctors came to the conclusions described above.

Then the Moroccan man could not stand it. He hired a lawyer and filed both for divorce and for depriving himself of parental rights. (It's amazing how the person who raised nine children did not become attached to them. He doesn't love them in his soul, even if they are not his biological children?)

But worst of all in this story is not a fooled father or already grown up children, but a traitor-wife. She faces a very realistic time: in Morocco, things like betrayal are not welcomed by law.

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