The Chinese Sued His Beautiful Wife Who Gave Birth To The Ugly Babies!

July 02, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Media are actively discussing the history of the Jian Feng. The man was in the epicenter of the scandal when he divorced his beautiful wife and sued her because she gave birth to him too ugly children. Feng who has an attractive appearance thought that his wife changed him, but a DNA test confirmed his paternity.

However, another deception was revealed. Feng's wife was not beautiful. She visited South Korea and did plastic surgery spending 100 thousand dollars. After that, she turned into a real doll. As a result, the court found the woman guilty and ordered her to pay the former spouse $ 120,000 of moral compensation.

However, as the Huffington Post notes, there is no official confirmation of this story, and Rocket News 24 published a snapshot of the family last year, claiming that all this is quite a brutal advertisement of the Taiwan clinic for plastic surgery. In China, the legal action ended, as a result of which a man will receive compensation from his ex-wife amounting to $ 120,000 for concealing plastic surgery.

The story began a couple of years ago when a young Chinese couple Feng had the first baby. The father of the child Jian Feng immediately paid attention to the fact that the girl is not very attractive, although he and his wife are very beautiful people. The man suspected his wife of changing him, but the test of paternity denied his suspicions. At that time, wife admitted to her husband that before the marriage she did serious plastic surgery, and, therefore baby may look like her "past".

The man immediately filed for divorce, as well as in court, explaining that his wife did not inform him that her beauty is the result of the skilled work of plastic surgeons. The court with the arguments of Jian Feng agreed. "I was incredibly in love with her when we got married. But after the birth of our first baby, serious problems began to arise. Our daughter is incredibly ugly, that it frightened me, "Jian Feng told reporters.

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