The 23-year-old Guy From India Looks Like A Six-month-old Child.

July 10, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

This tragic story will touch your soul.

23-year-old Manpreet Singh was born in 1995 and remained in the body of a small five-year-old man.
Even at the age of 23, he needs the care, just like a newly born baby. And so his 42-year-old mother is always with him.

Manpreet Singh did not have time to learn to talk and walk, because his psychological development stopped.

Doctors assured the boy's father that he should start talking with time, but his father's hopes were destroyed since the Manprit never began to speak.

The doctors began to keep the baby under their care and realized that he had a Laron syndrome. This is a genetic disease that affects only 300 people in the world.

This disease is caused by lack of Insulin-like growth factor, which stimulates growth and cell division.

Manpreet is always at the center of attention, because of his "defect." People come to visit the baby every day and worship him to receive a blessing.

Manpreet has a huge face with sagging skin, and his legs and hands are plump.
Since the kid knows only a few words, so he only communicates with gestures.

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