That's What God Whispered In Every Zodiac Signs' Ear.

July 05, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

It happened at dawn. God hugged each of his twelve children and whispered to each of them one very important secret of life. Each kid approached to get the gift God prepared for them. 


I instruct you to be a leader, lead others and light a fire in their hearts! Move to your Dream to inspire others! Many will criticize your stubbornness, but you remember that without it you can never achieve your goal!


I give you a very unusual gift. You can easily be able to multiply the material benefits in your life if the fire of love burns in your heart. The main thing is not to interchange the places of love and money. Love for you should be in the first place.


I give you the ability to help people understand each other. But first, you will need to be harmonious with yourself and with the world around you. If you get it, the world will get one of the best politicians, diplomats, psychologists in the whole history.


I give you extraordinary sensitivity and wisdom. But please do not become a wise hermit, because your wisdom is so necessary to the world around!


I give you the ability to lead people. Many will scold your egoism, but to whom do they come to ask for help with their questions? Yes, of course, to you. I give you the gift of generosity so you can help everyone who asks you!


I chose you to become a researcher of the beautiful world that I created. Go for your interest, explore, using the gift of scrupulousness and spread aura calm around yourself.


I give you the ability to see the beauty in the most ordinary things. Admire with everything you see. You can sing, write, draw or do something else you want, you have enough talents to express beauty!


I give you a very heavy gift. But do not be offended at me, my child. I give you the ability to see the souls of the people and of course, it will bring you much suffering. But as soon as you reconcile the animal in yourself and in other people, you will accept this world as you are. You will get everything you want.


I give you the ability to please other people and light a dream in them. Everyone who meets you as if touches something best in himself.


I give you the gift of diligence. You will teach people to work hard to achieve everything they want. You know that the best is not given easy!


I instruct you to be free and happy so that I can speak through you. You can remind people of me. You can do your mission excellent if you are really happy. So do not forget to please yourself!


My youngest child will also get a very difficult gift. You will feel the future, you will be very sensitive to everything in the world. Therefore, you can notice me in everything. But this world will hurt you because there are so many sufferings. Do not worry about it, because I will always come to help you, in the most difficult situations.

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