That's What A Baby Really Feels When A Pregnant Woman Cries.

July 06, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Most of us know that what we eat and drink during pregnancy affects the future of baby. But what about how we feel?

The psychological study showed that a 6-month-old embryo can already feel the mother's emotions. And its effect is not temporary. The emotional health of a pregnant woman begins to form the ratio of the fetus to life.

So how does your crying affect the child? We will disassemble by categories.

Stress or Sadness

This is experienced by every future mother but does not affect the child in any way. If only your experiences do not develop into a state of constant anxiety or even depression.

Then eternally restless mummies can have the same restless babies. The thing is that when you are worried, the body produces a stress hormone, and it enters the placenta and reaches the baby.


Just like postpartum depression, depression during pregnancy is also very common - it occurs in 10% of women.

According to the research, such mothers' babies are 1.5 times more likely to experience depression in adolescence and are more prone to aggression.

In addition, depression of a pregnant woman can affect the development of the baby, especially if it is not her constant condition, namely hormonal fluctuations.

Moms who don't want a child

Studies show that mothers who do not feel the connection with the baby, their children often face emotional problems.

What to do

Just think about the baby, find ways to make yourself happy, and in the worst cases, contact the doctor for safe antidepressants.

Take a warm bath, take a deep breath, try yoga and pamper yourself. In the end, a new little man grows inside you!

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