No One Knows Whether This Baby Is A Girl Or A Boy, Except The Parents

July 11, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Before getting pregnant, Kyl Myers decided that when she has a baby, she will raise the baby in the gender-neutral environment.

She did not care about the gender of the baby, she and her husband would raise"him/her" gender-neutral.

It means that the baby would not have cars or Barbie dolls. 

The woman explains that by studying psychological books, she realized that gender is a social construction that people deliberately impose on their children after they are born.

In 2016, the couple had a baby. They do not reveal the sex of the child. And till now neither friends, nor relatives, and even grandmothers with grandfathers know the sex of the baby.

Parents named their baby Zoomer. They choose this neutral name, and also neutral clothes and toys.

Parents will keep the baby from the classical stereotypes, that "the girl should be like that, and the boy is like that."

It's incredible, but relatives cannot find out baby's sex. Parents try not to let friends and relatives close to Zoomer.

Of course, it brings certain problems with relatives because of the inability to participate in the development of the child.

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