Miss Universe 2011 Didn't Shower For A Month And She Is Very Satisfied With It!

July 09, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Miss Universe 2011, TV presenter, architect Shamcey Supsup from the Philippines became restaurateur with her husband, a Chinese businessman Lloyd Lee. They have a two-year-old daughter named Nyke.

Recently Shamcey told one of her tortures after giving birth two years ago. She shared her extraordinary experience called "Ge Lai" in Chinese, about her post-natal depression. She did not take a bath for a month.

Since she is married to a Chinese businessman, his relatives advised her to reject the Ge Lai.

"Ge Lai" is the Chinese Method of postpartum healing, when mothers aren't allowed to take a bath during the month after childbirth. 

It is believed that this method makes healing even faster, and ultimately it will be a great help in order not to suffer from pain due to the birth of a child.

The former Beauty Queen admitted that it was really hard for her to do this. According to Shamcey: "I felt bad, and I could not leave the house for a month. But I knew that it was good for me, because, according to my mother-in-law, those who experienced "Ge Lai" say that their wounds heal faster. "

Another reason is that Shamcey gave birth by cesarean section, to which she was not ready. She said: "My emergency cesarean section greatly prevented me because I was not emotionally and physically prepared for this."

When she returned to work, she was able to get out of the depression.

Now she is very busy helping her husband build their restaurant empire.

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