An Amazing Story About A Girl Who Was Born With Unique Eyes

July 11, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

A touching story of a man who always dreamed of a big family. He always has wanted to have 3 children.

He didn't care whether it will be his child or adopted. All children are equal for him. 

And while someone dreams about children, others give birth one after another. But they aren't in a position to create conditions for life. 

This unique girl was born in China a few years ago. She was very different from other newborn babies.

The girl's eyes were strange. It seems, her eyes are made of steel. The girl was completely blind.

When the biological parents found out about this, they immediately abandoned the child. They just gave her to the orphanage.

Days passed, weeks passed. No one dared to take the girl.

One day a man heard this story. He immediately told his wife everything, and they went to the girl.

At their first meeting with Primrose (baby), they realized that she would become their daughter!

Eryn and Chris went through a long process of adoption. And do not regret it.
After a while, when the little girl was used to them, they decided to shoot the video and put it on YouTube.

Here is their story:

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