American Family Adopt Girl From Uganda, But After Discovering Her Story, They Sent Her Back

July 12, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

This beautiful family from Ohio already brought up four children. But Jessica and Adam Davis wanted more children. The family decided to adopt another child.

Adam and Jessica wanted to adopt a baby from abroad and so for a long time did not dare. And finally, their choice fell on the baby from Uganda. This country is famous for its critical level of poverty and orphans, which is more than 3 million in the country. But, what Davis learned about just shocked them.

More than half a year has passed since the family was able to resolve all bureaucratic issues. For all this time, the couple spent about $ 65,000 and a bundle of nerves. When all the formalities were settled, the family sheltered a 6-year-old child- Namatu.

In the biography of the girl, it was written that Namata was rescued from the hands of her cruel mother, who starved her and beat her regularly. Father did not know the girl at all: he died when Namata was still very small.

But despite the difficult fate, the girl had a very open and cheerful character: Namata quickly became friends with all the family members and sincerely fell in love with her brothers and sisters. They even gave her a nickname - Mata.

When Mata became a little better understood and speak English, the girl immediately told a true story.

It turns out that Mata's mother loved her very much and never rejected her daughter. Mata went to school. She always had food and clothes, as well as a happy family. 

As it turned out later, Namata was simply stolen from her mother. Mata's mother let the girl "study abroad." 

But the most important thing is that her mother never rejected Namata.

A couple of conversations through the Network and a thorough investigation of the situation allowed the couple to be sure that they were wrapped around the finger.

The Davis family, without hesitation, decided to take the girl back to her mother. And very soon there was a happy family reunion.

Although the couple spent a huge amount of money on the whole process and were very attached to the baby, they acted conscientiously, because the family is sacred for them!

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