8 Signs That The Deceased Relatives Are Near!

July 06, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

The death of a loved one is probably the worst thing in the life of any person. Of course, it hurts us to the core, but we must not forget that "there" they are all right. And they are trying to show it, in many ways. Here are the 8 most common signs that our loved ones are always around.

1. Signs through animals

Deceased often come to us through animals. They are able to use the energy of living beings and appear in the form of a butterfly, a cat, a ladybird, a bird, a dragonfly. The animals begin to behave not quite typical: they sit down on us, fly in the window, scream, attract attention, etc.

2. Communication through objects

The Deceased ones can leave on our way different things: a feather, coins, stones. So, they want to show that we are still important to them and they remember us.

3. Smells

Very often we can feel the smell of our loved ones. It can be an unusual perfume, the smell of cigars or cigarettes, flowers or any other smell that clearly associates you with the deceased. In most cases, this smell appears as if from nowhere and just as imperceptibly disappears.

4. Music

Deceased relatives can also communicate with us through songs. This is especially noticeable in difficult life periods. When you are discouraged, they do that, so you hear a song that you both liked.

5. They come to us in a dream

This is one of the most common types of "communication" of the deceased with their loved ones. They often come to us in a dream. And this dream is very bright. You will remember that dream for many years. 

If the dream with the deceased left an unpleasant influence and you quickly want to forget it, then this is the game of your subconscious.

6. Same numbers

Their love is also shown through numbers. You can regularly observe in different places the dates that are important for both of you - birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Also, it can be repeated numbers on watches, billboards or in other familiar places - 1111, 2222, 333.

7. Rest and Peace

When the deceased one appears with us in the same room, we can suddenly feel peace and tranquility. This feeling is truly sudden and looks like a kind of intuition.

8. They play with us

If you have noticed that there are periodic interruptions in electricity in your home, most likely, these are "tricks" of your loved ones. They often remind of themselves when you are sad or too immersed in unnecessary thoughts. So, they remind us that they are always around.

In fact, we can continue this list endlessly. We just listed the most common signs that deceased ones send to us. Most often they appear when we feel bad. Our relatives do not want us to suffer from trifles, they want to make it clear, that they are always with us. When they appear, they report that everything is fine with them, and they want us to be fine too!

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