What Kind Of Queen You Are, Based On Your Birth Month - Very Accurate Description!

June 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

We offer you to cheer yourself up and find out what kind of a Queen you are, based on your birth month.

1. January 

You are the Queen of Patience and Tolerance.

Such a Queen can be patient for a very long time, but if her patience runs out, she is capable of anything. She won't forgive betrayal.

2. February 

You are the Queen who always achieves everything she wants.

Such queens are stubborn, self-confident and proud. However, this doesn't destroy them. They are never afraid of difficulties, quickly make decisions, born leaders. They have a well-developed intuition, which helps them to understand people well. They love children.

3. March 

You are the Queen, who is a real lady.

Such queens are intuitive, soft, gentle, vulnerable and modest. Sometime they could be stubborn.

These queens always attract true Kings who are ready to protect and defend them from all the vicissitudes of fate.

4. April

You are the Queen-Rebel.

You don't like to break the rules, because you have your own. You easily set your own rules wherever they might be. 

Men are fascinated by you at first sight.

5. May

You are the Warrior Queen.

Surprisingly, this sweet lady-in fact in the soul is a real warrior. These queens combine incongruous. They can be caring mothers, and on the other hand, they can be strong warriors.

6. June

You are Queen of Spirituality.

These Queens are good at reading people. They don't like conflicts. Their secret is that they can predict future with their sixth sense. Their favorite flowers are chamomile.

7. July

You are the Queen-Conqueror of Men's Hearts.

Men are just crazy about such women, but these queens do not put an appearance in the first place. In youth, they often fall in love, but eventually, they meet their person.

8. August 

You are the Queen of Queens.

These Queens are born to be leaders. They achieve much in life. Nevertheless, house and family is the most important thing for them. 

9. September

You are a Fairy Queen.

These queens can have different characters but unite them with external accuracy. They know how to create a miracle from nothing. That's why they also cook deliciously.

10. October

You are the Queen of Sensuality.

These Queens live with feelings, although they may look cold outside. 

They can fascinate every man they want, with one look. In this case, they like to pretend to be pretty simpletons.

11. November

You are the Queen-Leader.

These queens know how to love. They are passionate and charismatic women. They can easily guess the intentions of people. 

These queens know how to fascinate.

12. December 

You are Queen-Wanderer.

Even if these Queens live all their lives in one place-they still will be wanderers. They can travel in their thoughts. 

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