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Overcoming Tense Nights through Angel Teachings

by Kaya & Christiane Muller

Our three Angel Guardians, on the physical, emotional, and intellectual levels that we find according to the date and time of our birth, are very helpful when beginning Angel Work. By reciting an Angel Mantra, in other words, by repeating the Name of an Angel over and over again with a deep sense of sacredness and intensity, it will open our conscious and unconscious. We can gradually integrate qualities and virtues and cleanse the negative memories that our inner computer may have accumulated during the course of this life and our other lives. It is very powerful work that modifies our behavior and reprograms our soul. We see its effects in thousands of people all over the world, who now work with the Angels and consequently develop their spiritual autonomy.

Walking a spiritual path is generally quite vague for most people. But whenever we live with an angelic conscience, we learn to speak the symbolic language, and this leads us to consider our life as though we were in a dream in order to help us become aware that everything is a Teaching for us – little things as well as big things. The following testimonial comes from one of the beautiful families who apply symbolic language in their daily lives. It shows us that certain behavior may sometimes hide and bear witness to the deep evolutive truth.

Here is what an initiate mother shared:

“Every night, when necessary, we accompany our children in their nocturnal difficulties caused either by fears or nightmares. And as parents who wish to accompany our children in the evolution of their conscience toward the Light, it was during one of these nights that we made an important discovery. Our 5-year-old daughter Annabelle had been grinding her teeth. We had already noticed that her teeth had taken on an unusual shape, but we had no idea why. And then, one night, we received the reason why and all of its symbolic dimension.

Annabelle is a child who could be described as the perfect child, and she’s also hyper-sensitive. She obeys instantly and always tries to do things well. Her father, Simon, is absolutely right when he says it isn’t normal. We discovered that she grinds her teeth at night, which shows that, unconsciously, Annabelle blocks and locks up all of her negativity. She retains all of her negative soul-states and represses her primary needs (symbolized by her teeth) related to her deep structure. It is so difficult for her whenever we talk to her about her negative aspects; it hurts, and she flees these moments

What is beautiful, however, is that my husband and I were immediately able to make the connection with Angel 52 Imamiah, Annabelle’s emotional birth Angel, one of whose Qualities is ease in recognizing our errors and hence in repairing them. We realized we had to help Annabelle be more gentle to develop this precious quality, which will gradually lead her to unclench her teeth, enable her to see, understand and transform her negative aspects into positive aspects.

We also understood with Angel Teaching why our daughter was keeping everything locked up and under control; it was simply too much for her to see and recognize her errors.

This precious discovery opened our eyes as regards ourselves because we know that Annabelle is a part of ourselves, and we tend to do just like her! We know now that we need to change ourselves so we can give her the good examples. Children are amazing… they are God-given gifts indeed!”

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