They Have Grandchildren, But No Wrinkles And Cellulite. The Most Beautiful Grandmothers In The World!

June 28, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

The word "grandmother" is associated with pancakes and old age. But these women break all stereotypes, although they have grandchildren, whom they love very much.

1. Jacqueline, 47 years old

Jacqueline is a fashion blogger. She is from Serbia, but now she lives with a 28-year-old daughter and grandchildren in Italy and runs a company to conduct tenders. She is a philologist by education and knows 5 languages perfectly.

2. Rita Rusic, 58 years old

Rita was born in Croatia but soon moved to Italy, where she began her career as a singer. Soon Rita was invited to the cinema, and she successfully co-starred in several films. However, the life of the actress did not suit Rita, and she founded her own production center, which has been working successfully so far.

For a long time, Rita was married to producer Vittorio Gori, but the marriage broke up, despite two children. Now Rita has two grandchildren. She spends quite a lot of time with them and a young boyfriend.

3. Lyudmila Akimova, 56 years old

In 2014, Lyudmila won the Grandma Universe competition "The most beautiful grandmother in the universe". Lyudmila has two sons and three grandchildren. She never had plastic surgeries, but she always devoted a lot of time to sports and diets.

4. Carmen Dell'Orefice, 87 years old

Carmen got into the Guinness Book of Records as a podium model with who had the longest career: she has been working for 50 years! For the first time the girl took part in the fashion show in 1945, and since then almost every famous brand has been represented. Carmen has a daughter Laura and a grandson, but she carefully protects them from the press.

5. Yasmina Rossi, 63 years old

Yasmin began her career as a model at age 40, which in itself attracted the attention of journalists. Before that, she had not worked a single day, completely dedicated herself to raising children. When they grew up, Yasmin thought about what to do now, and her friends advised her to go to the modeling agency.

It did not have much success, but when Marks & Spenser launched an advertising campaign in New York, they needed aged models to represent the new collection. After that Yasmin was literally snapped up. By the way, at the time of the shooting, Yasmin was already a grandmother!

6. Ellen Ector, 65 years old

Ellen is a fitness trainer. She has five children and 4 grandchildren. 

After retirement, Ellen seriously started to take care of her health, switched to her food system, began to develop special training schemes and literally in a few months gained a lot of followers: more than half a million people started to follow her.

Together with her daughter Lana, she released a DVD called "Black Girls Workout Too". After that, she became a hit in social networks.

7. Melissa, 63 years old

Melissa led her small beauty blog under the nickname melissa55, and one day someone in the comments asked about her age. When it turned out that Melissa 60, her blog was literally attacked wishing to find out how she manages to keep youth, despite the birth of children and the upbringing of seven grandchildren at that time. Melissa does not hide that her method is not quite standard and excludes the constant use of moisturizing cream and retinol containing creams. Melissa claims that she has never applied to cosmetologists.

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