The S*xiest Zodiac Signs

June 18, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

We can hardly define the meaning of "sexy". That's not only about having a perfect body. It may take a while to realize that someone's smile, voice, and a walk is actually hot. There are zodiac signs which are sexier than others. So, let's find out in which way can they be sexy. 

Aries sexy traits: a bucket load of confidence.

Can a person have that much confidence? The answer is YES if they are Aries. Their confidence makes them sexy. We all love strong people who tend to win every game they play. 

Sexiest feature: Torsos – six packs and cut waists.

Taurus sexy traits: they’re nerdishly cute.

Taurus is a bright personality. They have a strong connection with the universe which makes them sexy. Taurus is a very sensual sign. The only problem is they are often complicated. They are warm, love to touch and being touched. 

Sexiest feature: Shoulders – saucy beasts of burden.

Gemini sexy traits: they’re like elusive butterflies.

Geminis are always in the center of attention. They don't work hard, but they always get what they want. With their intelligence and sharp tongue, they can attract anyone they want. So, their sexiness is hidden in their intelligence.

Sexiest feature: Hands – rude, lewd and proud.

Cancer sexy traits: their kind and warm lovers.

Cancers are very thoughtful. They are keepers and extremely attractive. Their friendship or relationship is long term. They are very kind. The won't harm anyone. They respect everyone's feelings and opinions. Their tenderness makes them sexy.

Sexiest feature: Soulful eyes with bedroom lashes.

Leo sexy traits: their playful and protective nature.

Leos are the soul of the party. With Leo, you can be silly and not feel ashamed.
They are also very protective. That's the great feeling when you know you are protected by Lion. 

Sexiest feature: Hair – the Leo main is a sex machine.

Virgo sexy traits: they can make all of your problems disappear.

Virgos solve any problem life gives them. That may not seem sexy. But when you see how effective their solutions are you will change your mind. They are the people you want to save the planet. They act like heroes in any situation. 

Sexiest feature: Arms – abs to die for.

Aquarius sexy traits: they’re deliciously nutty.

Aquarius are very communicative. They can make any conversation interesting. It's always pleasant having Aquarius in a company. So their mysterious personality makes them very sexy. 

Sexiest feature: Backs – silky elegance.

Pisces sexy traits: they’re ministers of love.

Pisces is an intuitive and wise zodiac sign. They don't judge people. They can help you in your hard life situation with their smart and practical advice. Their thoughts may be chaotic, but they are life savers. So, they are sexy thanks to their wisdom and spirituality. 

Sexiest feature: Often it’s the naughty bits – wowsers!!!!

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