The man decided that his father should live in a nursing home. Then his son asked him a question he would never forget for the rest of his life

June 15, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Life rolls on.

Parents love their children above all and are able to carry them to the mountains and beyond. Unfortunately, children cannot always see the love and dedication of their parents, even when they are already adults, which results in a lack of gratitude and treatment of the aging parent, which troubles those involved.

Sometimes life, in a painful way, must show a person that they are doing something wrong, as evidenced by this brief story of what happened to a man in his thirties.

George is a normal guy: he works, has a wife and son, and he also takes care of his middle-aged father. However, after some time, he came to the conclusion that it took him a lot of time to deal with his parent, which interfered with other things. Upon deep reflection, he found a solution to this problem.

The man decided to send his father to a nursing home or senior living home. He thus found a suitable institution and told his parent that he had to move. Of course, in this conversation with his father, George explained that he did so because there was good medical care in such a center.

The old man had no choice and agreed to live in a nursing home, just wanting someone to take him home to his new place of residence. Along with the men, George’s five-year-old son went on the trip.

George was very pleased when he took his father to the nursing home, but his peace was crippled by his son. When they were leaving, the five-year-old asked:

“Dad, what is the address here? Can you write it down for me?”

The man, a little surprised by the words of his son, answered the question with a question.

“Why do you need the address, son? Want to come visit your grandfather?”

To which the boy, with the disarming sincerity of only children, replied:

“No daddy, I want to know where to bring you when you are as old as grandfather.”

George felt as though someone had slapped him across the cheek. In that moment, he understood what a terrible example he had given his son and how he had hurt his father. He felt that he treated him like a worn-out thing, even if he owed him so much …

Sometimes one situation, one sentence or a question, can make a person remove the blinders from their eyes and finally see what mistakes they have made.

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