‘Spiderman’ Who Saved 4-Year-Old Hanging From Building Offered French Citizenship

June 06, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

On Saturday, 22-year-old undocumented immigrant Mamoudou Gassama scaled an apartment building to save a four-year-old who was hanging from a fifth-floor balcony.

Gassama was dubbed ‘the real-life Spiderman’ after video footage of him scaling five balconies in just 40 seconds went viral.

On Monday, Gassama was offered a path to French citizenship by none other than the French President himself, Emmanuel Macon.

French politicians thanked Gassama, who moved to Paris from Mali just a few months ago.

Macon said Gassama will be made a natural French citizen. He also presented Gassama with a medal for courage and offered a position with the fire service.

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, called Gassama the ‘Spiderman of the 18th,’ referring to the district where it happened.

Mayor Hidalgo shared, “He explained to me that he arrived from Mali a few months ago while dreaming of building his life here. I replied that his heroic gesture is an example for all citizens and that the City of Paris will obviously be keen to support him in his efforts to settle in France.”

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