Pick a card for your important message!

June 15, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

So let’s take a moment and just get grounded and centred. Take a slow deep breath in and imagine there is a lit candle in front of you, and as you gently sigh out your breath through an open mouth, watch the flame dance and move. Keep breathing in this way and realize that you are playing with Air and Fire, ideas and passion. When you are ready, gently roll your shoulders up back and down and let them nestle along your spine like tucked wings and pick the card or cards that are tugging at you.

Did you remember to pick?

Let’s go see, shall we?


About you now ideas and projects are gestating, constellations of ideas are birthing, your creativity is flowing from within, and ideas are developing in an easy, organic flow. For a time, you will be rich in health and loe and in physical beauty. While there is much that is new about you, what has already been developed within your world can now be brought to greater fulfilment – so children may begin to mature and grow older, and your ambitions and your dreams may need support to move from their beginnings to become truly established and make their presence strong and unshakable.

Your accomplishments will now be acknowledged, respect will be given as it is overdue, and your contributions and your work will now receive the value and recognition they deserve.

Your influence, power and reputation are all growing in healthy, inspiring ways. You feel good in yourself – a loving relationship with your body now develops, and you accept and receive loving support from others. No more will you receive disrespect – unkind words about yourself or your ventures will no longer be tolerated.

You are growing in stature – finally, the world sees you for who you are, a successful being who has followed their dreams.


When the Faery Godmother comes to you, be aware that this is a time when you will discover what has been long hidden to you – your true self will be revealed in surprising ways every day, and sudden moments of heightened perception will make this time especially significant for you. People finally get found out, manipulators can be seen through, true costs of circumstances are revealed, and any lies about you will be seen. This can be hard, but it is truly a hardship that is born of protection – you are safer for knowing in whom you can trust in order to make the right choices for your soul.

Throughout these revelations and insights will be a guiding hand – and this is the Faery Godmother. She is showing you what it is you need to know in order to create and foster a life that works for you – and she is protective force too. So what you need will come to you now, sometimes in very strange ways. Be mindful of counting your blessings at this time – for this energy your Faery Godmother can draw upon to keep transforming your life into one which is more abundant, magickal, meaningful, and joyful.

Note every moment of truth – they are all significant, and you are better for discovering what was once hidden from you.


You are at a moment of great good fortune in this lifetime. You have created for yourself more than enough, and now the goodness that is flowing to you must be invested and used wisely. It is easy to squander youth or beauty or opportunity, as they seem such an eternal gift – but this card is here to share with you that it is time to ensure that this wonderful moment is worked with wisely. Invest in yourself and in your healthy, create more wealth, learn and study, and also offer your support and investment to worthy others. Take care of yourself, and truly mke yourself into who and what you have always wanted to become.

This time will come around again, but it will not last forever – and so Frigga wishes for you to consider the gifts you are being given, the bounty coming to you, and consider with great vision and earnestness what will provide for you and your loved ones in the years to come. Be ready to act!

Your future can be created now – and the present can become so rich and enduring that nothing can shake your ability to continue prospering – your skills, your home, your mind, your body.

Take care of yourself, and watch the good fortune that flows from your wise investment, for many years to come.

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