Here’s How Much Of A Natural Healer You Are Based On Your Birth Month

June 29, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Some people find out that they have healing powers which help them when someone is in emotional distress. With their warmth, they help people overcome their emotional disbalance and give them positive emotions.

Here is how much of a natural healer you are, based on your birth month.

1. January

January babies are clearly natural healers. They constantly encourage and support others. They have an extremely empathic essence, due to which they understand what others need in order to heal. They can easily heal others pain no matter which situation they get themselves into. January babies are warm people. They never judge people, which allows them to comfort others and guide them in the right direction. They are emotionally healing people, especially when they give their energy to them, who need their help.

2. February

February babies are natural healers, and they always try to help people. They are very empathic and can easily feel others positive or negative emotions. That quality helps them to heal others and develop positive energies in them. February babies will always do anything to make people happy. Their sympathy and kindness make them natural healers and give them the ability to help people and ease their emotional pain.

3. March

March babies definitely have a healing nature and can help people who need them. They have an ability to either harm or heal. It depends on their state of mind. A healthy March born person will want to stop others sufferings. They will do whatever they can to find ways to heal people. March babies know well, that for healing people, they need to feel their emotions deeply.

4. April

April babies can have both abilities to heal or destruct. They are passionate and curious about new experiences. April babies are very emotional, which can sometimes control them. They can become a perfect healer for someone close to them. Depending on their level of maturity April babies can be a little bit wild and damaging. Tha fact is that they are naturally unpredictable people.

5. May

May babies are natural born teachers. They aren't really made for healing emotional wounds. It's hard for Mar babies to understand others' emotions because they don't have nature of a healer. May babies don't enjoy harming others, but they also aren't made for healing. They are constantly searching for ways to learn and grow. They always try to teach others something new and useful.

6. June

June babies try to protect their loved ones, but they are not naturally healers. June babies struggle to understand others' emotions, but it's difficult for them to feel comfortable around those who are in emotional pain. June babies will do their best to help the people they love.

7. July

Healing is not July babies' natural ability. But they try to find any way to help. July babies are specific people. They believe there's always a way to find out the truth. July babies care about their loved ones. 

July babies will work hard to help them whenever they need it. They might want to heal emotions of others, but they cant because they are not naturally healers.

8. August

August babies care about helping their loved ones, but they are not natural healers. They want to be there for their loved ones, but dealing with emotions is not their ability. August babies feel uncomfortable with too much emotional expression, therefore, it keeps them from being healers. August babies work hard. They tend to grow and improve constantly. Even they are not natural healers they strive to help people.

9. September

Because of their sense of empathy, September babies are natural healers. They can easily understand others' emotions. They provide a safe place for others to express their emotions. They will do whatever they can to ease people's pain. September babies do their best to heal the people who are in emotional pain. 

10. October

October babies will do whatever they can to provide for the particular need of the people around them, but they are still not natural healers. October babies struggle when it comes to understanding others' feelings. They feel useful when they see someone is upset and they can't help them.

11. November

November babies care about their loved ones and have healing power. They don't feel uncomfortable around emotional expression, but they try to heal the pain of others. November babies will do everything they can to comfort the people around them and will improve their lives. November babies are emphatic and caring people. They provide people safe space to open up emotionally.

12. December

December babies can be healers, but on the other hand, they can be destructive. December babies are controlled by their emotions. They have an ability to provide others with a safe and healing environment to express their feelings. When they truly love someone, they can provide them with a sense of healing and warmth.

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