He Gave Up Coffee And Alcohol For 2 Years, And That's What Happened!

June 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Tobias Van Schneider is a designer from New York. He gave up coffee and alcohol for 2 years.

"The first thing I noticed was much less communication with people. When colleagues or friends invited me to join them to drink, I said "no" in large part because I did not want to participate in their drunken conversations. "

Obviously, such a diet had a positive impact on his body and wallet. According to Toby, he saved $ 1000 a month. The quality of his sleep improved, and he felt less stressed.

Living in New York, it is normal to drink 1-2 glasses of alcohol a day. "I drank 2-3 cocktails almost every day (and each of them costs 10 dollars and this without a tip), including more bottles of wine home every month, I easily let down about a thousand bucks."

"Refusing from evening gatherings for beer, I began to sleep better and wake up more cheerful."

Giving up coffee, Toby began to feel more relaxed. A large amount of caffeine always kept him toned, he had increased anxiety and digestive problems.

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