Choose A Butterfly And Find Out Something New About Your Feelings!

June 04, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Choose a butterfly and read something interesting about your emotions that will be helpful!

Butterfly No. 1.

You feel hungry. But it's about spiritual hunger! It's like your soul is hungry for new experiences! You must start a new adventure in your life. Your past hunts you, and you can not let go of it, but you must forgive and let go of your past!

Butterfly No. 2.

You can create your library! But not because you read a lot, but because you have a life experience. You had many difficulties, but you have overcome them! People want to know your true identity. You must begin to reveal yourself. Now is not the time to be a loner.

Butterfly No. 3.

You do not have to work hard to find your place in society. You already have everything for this! People need you to be harmonious. They need your help to achieve something! You have a bright aura, let it spread everywhere!

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