6 Kinds Of Soulmates We All Meet In Our Lifetime

June 20, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

When we think about finding a soulmate, some of us may picture how it would be. You can imagine love at first sight with someone who has similar lifestyle and feelings as you. 
Of course, your true soulmate exists, but there are also many kinds of soulmates that have an important role in your life. 

Here are 6 kinds of soulmates we all meet in our lifetime.

1. A Twin

Your twin soulmate is somebody with who you can share your problems and experiences. 
Your twin soulmate will give you a strength to face your emotional obstacles. It may feel like you know that person for eternity. You will feel comfortable and harmonious with your twin soulmate. 

Once you meet your twin soulmate, you will never let them go from your life. 

2. A Healer

You will find a true meaning of your life when you meet your healing soulmate. That meeting will happen when you are in need of support. A healer's mission is to teach you valuable and meaningful lessons.
If you are going through difficulties, your healing soulmate will share your pain. 

They may not stick around in your life forever. They will be around when you need them most. 

3. A Wrecking Ball

If you need changes in your life, your wrecking ball soulmate will be the one to guide you through it. Their mission is to bring challenges in your life. They will give you a strength to go forward on your life path. 

They will help you to find the right direction in life. This kind of soulmate also won't be around forever. They will enter your life shake up everything you thought you knew and disappear. 

4. A Companion

When you meet your companion soul mate, the true comfort will enter your life. Your companion soul mate will be your friend whom you will trust, respect and love. You will share similar values, interests, beliefs, opinions, thoughts, lifestyle. 

Your relationship will be based on mutual understanding of harmony. The connection with this soulmate will be an amazing friendship.

5. A Teacher

Your teacher soulmate will force you to learn by helping you through difficult situations. Perhaps they won't be your friends, but they will be another companion as an educator, guide, and challenger. 

This kind of soulmate will guide you and help you to find a solution to your problems. 

6. A Stranger

Ever feels like you have known someone in a past life? If you felt that way with somebody, I ensure you, it was your stranger soulmate. 
You may stumble upon them by accident, in a store, at the bus stop, or while walking on the street. Your discussion with your stranger soulmate may not be deep or educational, but this person will bring you a sense of security in your life. 

Have you met all 6 types of soulmates already?

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