Woman Burned Alive Reconstructs Herself, And She Looks Amazing

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There is nothing better in this world than a strong woman who can stand for her rights. The example of Dana from Australia has just become viral over the Internet after she removed the mask she had been wearing. Her attackers had brutally spoilt her face and had left her in an unrecognizable stand. It was only due to her will power that she is where she stands now.

She Grew Jealous

The attacker that had attacked Dana grew jealous after she learnt that Dana had been talking to her estranged husband at a party held on New Year's Eve. Dana herself was a wonderful looking woman and for her it was common to attract such attention.

Formulate a Plan

The jealous wife soon began to formulate a plan to take perfect revenge from Dana for stealing her husband away. Dana was harassed through numerous provocative phone calls where the attacker even mentioned that she would ruin her pretty face.

Broke Into Her House

One unfortunate night the woman pursuing revenge, Natalie Dimitovska, broke into Dana's apartment and set her ablaze through the use of methylated spirits. She was under influence of drugs and according to Dana was laughing as she went away.

Third Degree Burns

Dana was left seriously affected by the severity and suddenness of the incident. She suffered burns of 64 percent of her body area and even her mother said that she could not recognize her own daughter because of the burns.

This photo collage provided by Dana to the media is a perfect representation of all that she had to go through after the attack. This collage might look a bit shocking, but it helps to gain insight into what she had to go through.

Life Revolved Around Looks

The stage she was in was a very testing one for Dana. She had always been proud of her looks and to be left in such a condition was nothing less than heartbreak for her. She had perfect looks and admitted that she was really proud of her looks, but the event shook her up.

Wear This Mask

For the 30 months during her extensive healing process, Dana was told by her surgeons and doctor to wear this mask around the public. The mask made her go into the pits of depression as she felt like a nothing with no identity of her own.

Made it to Court

Dana did not let her mask or her condition come in between her resounding will to succeed. She traveled to court in the mask and testified against the attacker. Her attacker was sent to jail for a deserved sentence of 17 years.

Cervical Cancer

While she was recovering from the attack, a doctor told her that she had cervical cancer. Dana was a determined woman and didn't let cancer impede the journey. She got the required treatment and removed the cancerous cells.

The Mass Haunted Her

The mask still haunted her and she voiced her concerns on numerous occasions. She said that it made her feel like a faceless nothing and was not made to feel like she was part of the society. The mask and the reason behind it kept haunting her.

Take Off the Mask

Finally, after her treatment was nearly done, Dana was called to take part of a T.V show and take off her mask. The unveiling of her reformed face would soon be followed with a fashion catwalk to mark her successful recovery.

Proud of Herself

Once on the TV show, Dana mentioned all that she had to go through to reach the condition she was in currently. It might have been easy for her to die after the attack, but she kept her will power intact and set forth to live.

Proceeded With the Mask

Dana soon proceeded to take off the mask and reveal the result of all the treatment she had undergone after the attack. TV viewers had switched on their television in awe of what she had done and wanted to see her transformation from where she was.

Look Beyond Her Face

When she took off the mask and showed her new face to the world, she wanted all of the viewers to look beyond her fresh face and see all that she had been through. If they look beyond her face, they would be able to see determination, courage and will power.

Strong Person

After the fashion catwalk and other formalities were handled, Dana mentioned that she is an extremely strong person and her ordeal with this accident had made her even stronger and recognizer herself for the abilities she never knew she possessed.

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