Unbelievable Photo Shows Adorable Newborn’s Sleeping Position Perfectly Mirrors His Ultrasound

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“The first ultrasound we had was done at 18 weeks, and it got all the bone structure, so he looked just like Skeletor or the Krampus! So when I saw this sweet baby-faced image that was taken at almost 39 weeks I did think it was adorable, but frankly, I was just glad he didn’t have horns! It’s unusual to get such clear images that late in the game, but the woman doing the ultrasound really knew her way around a uterus. We were super happy to get such great images.

I didn’t immediately make the connection to the ultrasound when I first noticed he slept with his arms up. I saw the ultrasound hanging on my mother-in-law’s fridge when he was several weeks old and that’s when it hit me… He still does that! He is the king of taking it easy.

I made the side by side comparison and was amazed by how similar they were in every little detail. I decided to post it to Reddit because I thought it was interesting content someone else might enjoy seeing. Also, it’s nice to communicate with the outside world after countless days inside nursing a newborn. Sometimes it feels like nothing exists except for me, my baby, my boobs, and the couch!

Having my son has been life changing. I just look at him and start to cry sometimes because I love him so much. He’s a chill little dude. Keep him fed, changed, and cuddled and he’s happy. My mom says my husband Ross and I don’t know how lucky we got with him.

He had unexplained hemolytic anemia and severe prolonged jaundice for the first month of his life, which is why he’s resting on that blue light. We had doctor visits every 1-2 days to monitor his blood and a 48 hour stay at the children’s hospital, but he took it all like a champ.

Now, he’s almost 3 months old and starting to wake up from his newborn phase and wants to play and interact. His dad loves to make up songs for him on guitar and we change song lyrics to fit his name in as many times as we can.

Every time he smiles at me I melt. He just started doing this gentle chuckle thing the other day and my heart almost exploded. He really is as laid back as he looks. We try to anticipate his needs, so he really never has much reason to cry for very long. We consider ourselves very lucky and try and not to take for granted that all this good humor could run out at any time!

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of kid this baby turns into. I can’t wait to hear what his voice sounds like. My husband played guitar to my pregnant belly all the time, and I was in ‘Sister Act’ the musical during my 2nd trimester, so we are curious to see if any of that rubbed off on him and if he is musically inclined when he’s older. And, of course, I’m looking forward to him saying Mommy for the first time!”

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Mom Was Happy To Show Friend Baby’s Ultrasound. Then Friend Points At An ‘Angel Leaning Over Baby’ In Womb

This photo of one mom’s ultrasound is going viral for one very special reason. Kelly Lewis shared the image with a friend who pointed out something the mother had never noticed. If one looks closely, it looks as though an angel is blowing a kiss at the baby and blessing it! While there will be always be skeptics, many believe this is a sign the baby had a special visitor.

“Yes she certainly had an angel with her, perhaps she was afraid to enter our world and the angel was there to help and guide her — one very special little girl,” one commenter said.

Ultrasounds can reveal all sorts of things occurring in the womb, another recent scan showed a baby giving the thumbs-up, while another showed the baby clapping his hands. Perhaps, ultrasounds can give us a closer look at the inner-workings of the divine. No matter what you believe, I am sure you can agree the image is uncanny and beautiful…

When 26-year-old mother Kelly showed her friend an old pic of her 2-year-old’s ultrasound, and when her friend pointed out what appeared to be a small “angel” hovering over the infant. Kelly named her little baby Harper, meaning a harp player.

“It looks just like an angel is leaning over my baby, with a cherub face as well hovering over the baby. It’s so clear, no one could believe their eyes when they saw it,” Kelly told the Mirror.

“People said it looked like someone leaning over her keeping her safe. She is such a well-behaved little girl, it’s like she has been blessed,” Kelly told the Mirror.

Talking to TODAY, she said that her little girl is a blessing for her. “Harper is a very well-behaved little girl. She has a warmhearted, caring, and helpful personality—always polite and kind, and very sweet and innocent. She also has the sweetest smile—it’s very angelic. I am truly blessed to have her.”

“Yes, I’d like to believe that this is an angel,” Kelly said. “It’s a nice thing to believe and a lovely thing to have.”

Children are precious gifts, and through them shines pure innocence and hope for the future. Whether there are angels or not, these little ones do amaze and delight us unexpectedly with their heavenly qualities. Just like this sweet little Harper.

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