This model with Down syndrome unleashed a storm after publishing some photos with her boyfriend

May 15, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Everything started when Maddy and her mother attended a fashion show. In that particular moment, Maddy said: “Mom, I, model”. The mother said that her daughter always loved to be the center of attention and she just knew that Maddy wanted to be on the catwalk since there. Of course, mom had to explain Maddy that it wasn't as easy as she thought. The girl obviously didn’t like what she had heard. But even though, her mother knew that starting from that moment, she was going to do something special. Nine months later they visited a professional photographer.

Maddy was truly excited about her first ever photo shoot. One thing is to say that you want to do something, another thing is to experience such thing and say that you like it. After a lot of compliments and good opinions, her mother decided to create Maddy a Facebook fan page and just after few weeks, her photos traveled around the whole world. They gave hope to people that have children with Down syndrome. They started to believe that everything is possible for them as well.

Starting from that moment, Maddy walked down the catwalks of New York and she has become the face of a cosmetics company called Glossigirl. She was the first disabled girl who achieved such things. Nowadays, she's known all over the world as the first professional adult model with Down syndrome. However, it’s not the end of this story as it's more good news.

“Of course it’s just the beginning of the story and it’s not only about fashion. It’s about changing the world, creating integration, stopping discrimination and breaking the walls of isolation. Modeling is what allows to do so. Everyone wants to love and to be loved, it’s all that matters”, said Maddy’s mother.

On some of the photos that Maddy shared on her profile, we can see happy girl with her boyfriend, Robbie Streeting, who celebrated his 20th birthday. “Happy birthday to my lovely boyfriend” - that's what Madeline wrote in front of her 88,000 followers on Instagram and she also shared a photo of them kissing.

Couple is dating for a long time but they recently decided to share their love with the public. Madeline shared a few everyday photos on Instagram. We watch her in the cinema spending nice time with her boyfriend.

A simple scene won the hearts of many - she received more than 3,600 Likes. This young redhead enjoys her fame. “She loves to be the center of attention, steal glances...”, as her mother, Rosanne Stuart, commented during Fashion Week in New York.

Moreover, she reminded that when the girl was little, she was often left aside. “People are more open-minded now. Social media opened everything. Nowadays nothing can hide” she said. She trusts that Madeline’s example will show other parents that their kids with Down syndrome can also live a happy life.

This girl’s destiny changed in May last year when she uploaded on the Internet her first photos posing as a model. She gained 20,000 followers on Facebook back then, and now there're more than a million. Many companies got interested in her. Young company EverMaya baptized their purse with her name and everything they earned on sales went as a donation for the National Association for Down Syndrome.

She has also become an ambassador in a small cosmetics company, Glossigirl. While Madeline enjoys her romance, she also carries on her carrier and achieves success. She's already well-known in her country: she participated in Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival and she was nominated for the “Australian 2016” award. We wish her all the best! 

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