These identical triplets were born in 1987, 30 years later they became famous models

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Many times it happens that there are people so similar in the world that we seem to see double. Genetics makes in many cases that there are 2 identical people, usually twins, and for other people, it is very difficult to recognize them and tell one from another. In fact, a common game between twins is to exchange papers with their classmates at school or even play with their mother. As these people grow, they develop in a different way, until they can distinguish themselves perfectly despite the physical resemblance.

And it is that everything influences the growth of a child, from the sports that practice and food they eat, to stress, so that a case of two identical twins being adults is rare. In this article, we bring you something that will surprise you and do not worry, you are not seeing triple, your eyesight is correct. The Crimmins sisters are triplets who have made their similarity their work of which we will tell you next. 

The childhood of the triplets

Laura, Nicola and Alison Crimmins were born almost 31 years ago, on April 25, 1987. Since then it could be seen how the 3 sisters were exactly the same, being difficult to distinguish even for the parents. In the picture we can see these three little babies, who are also dressed the same, so recognizing them is totally impossible for anyone who is not a relative, who also had serious difficulties.

Already at school, they were inseparable sisters. They became very famous for their great resemblance, since the growth of Laura, Nicola and Alison did not make their physical appearance change much with respect to the others. At 10, they already received offers to be models in shopping centers, but their parents thought they were too young for it, so they waited until they achieved 16 years old. Do you want to see what happened to them when they got older? Turn the page to discover it.

Their start in the world of modeling

At this age, when they were 16 years old, they began their career in the world of modeling, since they signed for a modeling agency and began to appear both on television and in advertising campaigns of international brands and National Lottery adverts. As we can see, the girls made their physical appearance their work, thanks to this small genetic miracle of looking totally identical.

Currently, they are very concentrated on their career and they know how important it is to stay the same, so you will not believe everything they do to get it. All three sisters live together in Dublin, Ireland, and maintain a strict diet and aesthetic plan to stay the same. The 3 sisters have the same diet, that is, eat the same, at the same time of a day. Even on a "cheat day" the triplets eat the same: pizza from "Domino's Pizza". 

Their daily ritual

Not only do they eat the same, since they go to the gym together and do the same exercises. They even go to the hairdressing salon together, because if one adopts a certain look, the others have to do the same, and for that, better be together. With their skin tone, exactly the same happens: they go together to their tan with spray regularly at the same time, just like they do their manicure.

They even use the same beauty products because according to the girls: "It is important that we use the same products and give ourselves our beauty treatments at the same time. We live identical lives, that's why we look the same and the truth that we love". Although identical they do not have their lives either, since Laura, unlike Nicola and Alison, has maintained a stable relationship for quite some time.

Result: identical bodies

Even when for any reason they are separated, they have a WhatsApp group called "Sisters Whatsapp" in which they make sure to stay in constant to be able to make and buy the same things to maintain their identicalness. The result of all this is that the 3 sisters have the same measures: they are 1.80 meters high, they have a waist of 71 centimeters and even a bust size is the same: 34A.

The 3 sisters love to work together. They have appeared in television shows, press conferences and fashion shows. Nicola says "I love working with my sisters, I feel very grateful that we are together. We get very close when we are in public, something that surprises people a lot and they often have to look twice to see that they are not seeing triple." 

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