The First Thing You Perceive in This Photo Will Determine Your TRUE SHADOW SELF!

May 01, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

All of us are made from stardust. Our shadow self is the zenith of our cosmic power and it's a true secreted force. Take a look at this picture below and determine the first thing you see to divulge your shadow self.

If you saw the BEAR first:

You're compelled by your heart. Ever since you were young, you've already felt like there has always been a clash inside your heart and this is endless.

The bear is a sign of all of your internal strength. Similar to a bear, your shadow self is controlling and pushes you forward in life. When your shadow-self stirs, you feel an upsurge of energy that conveys you to action. It is up to you whether this energy will be damaging or beneficial. Don't try to fight this energy or it will only become riskier.

You’re a force to be reckoned with and the world is aware of it. For you to better control your energy, you must focus on meditation so you can learn how to ground yourself. You can do astounding things with the right outlook in life.

If you saw the MOUNTAIN first:

You're compelled by your thoughts. You’re always a work in development, which means you are focused, knit-picky, and smart.

The mountains are the representation of alchemy, and you’re an alchemist. You’re not afraid of the trials to reach the top, but you recognize that the top is also a lonesome place. You must become knowledgeable on how to open your heart.

You don't have to work really hard all the time. You must take time for yourself to be fostered by friends and family. Balance is what will keep you concentrated and focused. The transformer will always learn sooner or later that their power is not at the peak of the mountain but in their heart. Your soul is beautiful, thus you must let people see it.

If you saw the TREES first:

You're compelled by your spirit. You’re a lot more social than you can acknowledge or recognize.

Your shadow self is similar to a forest where every tree is associated with an underground linkage of roots. Trees talk to each other, so you must not be scared to talk, too. Link yourself with other people and ground yourself to connect with them.

All of us are connected to the earth, so don't fail to recall being in nature from time to time to regain balance. People have offended you extremely, but you can't deny that we are all associated with each other. Be courageous and express your emotions. The more you hold yourself and the world around you, the more prevailing you will be.

If you saw the MOON first:

You're compelled by your dreams. You’re certainly not of this earth.

You have an enchanted aura that people can't repel. You’re accustomed to the ways of the universe and see things in a different way compared to other people. You feel that you are directed by an unseen force which carries peace.

Harness this force so that you can be able to continue your search to understand this world. Be associated with as many people as you can for the vital balance in life.

What did you see first in the photo? Share this with your family and friends for them to know about this fun article and to see what they perceive first!

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