Tell Me What You Saw First, I’ll Tell You What Your Mental Age Is. Super Exact!

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Mental age is a concept that many relate to intelligence. According to the experts, mental age is what determines the activities we can perform and those that we can not.

You may realize that you have a mental age according to your physical age. On the contrary, you may realize that your mental age is above or below what it should be.

Some years ago, a formula with which someone’s IQ was known was used. It is mediated with the formula: mental age / physical age X 100 = CI. In other words, if your mental age was the same as your physical age, your CI would be from 100. However, at present, this formula is no longer used to know the answer. Instead, we resort to tests like the one we will present next.

Although this test will not let you know your mental age, if we check your brain health. With the results you get in this test, you can calculate your CI with the formula above. The test consists of looking carefully at the image that we will leave you next. What was the first thing you saw? In that case, look for what it means below.

Two dancers

If the first thing you saw was two dancers in an artistic position in the foreground, we have good news. What this indicates is that your mental age is only 16 years, which can be good or bad, depending on what you consider. The advantage of this mental age is that you have a lot of energy both at night and during the day. Joy is something that defines you and that spreads to those around you.

The disadvantage of this is that some may consider you childish, especially when they do not know you. Those who go out partying with you, should be willing to stay until early morning before returning.

Knight in armor.
If the first thing you saw was a knight in armor, it means that you have around 27 years mentally. This means that you have overcome the younger stages of mental and emotional development. You know there is no point in worrying about certain things and you prefer to concentrate on finding the solution. In case you have less than 27 years physically, probably many see you as someone mature.

The face of a man.

The complete image is designed to form an optical illusion that allows you to figure the face of someone older. If that was the first thing you saw, it means that your mental age is around 42 years. In simpler words, you are at the perfect point of maturity. You are someone who knows how to solve problems peacefully and does not allow emotions to control you.

In this last case, you already understood that life is composed of happy and sad moments. You have accepted that both must exist to make sense of your life. You understand that life is not rosy, but you try to see the positive side of everything. The only problem is that you can give the impression of being older than you really are.

Without a doubt, after carrying out this simple test, you came to a little better agreement than before

What is your mental age, according to this test? Let us know through your comments. If you found interesting information, share it with your contacts on social networks.

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