Stranger Knocks On Mom’s Door With Message From Her Son That Ends With Delivery On Front Lawn

May 28, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Cindy heard a knock at the front door at her home outside San Diego. She opened it to find a woman named Bonnie who worked for Teleflora, a flower delivery service, standing there with an iPad. Bonnie told Cindy she had a special Mother’s Day surprise — her son Ryan had recorded a video message at his home in Norfolk, Virginia. Bonnie handed the iPad to Cindy and pressed play.

Ryan Breed is an accomplished Navy Commander who hadn’t seen his mom Cindy in two years. The last time they were together, he was passing through San Diego on his way to Japan when Cindy drove two hours just to meet him at the airport for 45 minutes.

Growing up, it was just the two of the. Cindy was a single mother who sacrificed a career in professional sports in order to raise Ryan to be a good man, a loving husband and a dedicated father.

The video message had Cindy shedding tears, crying in Bonnie’s arms. But that was only part one of the big surprise.

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