She Was 'The Most Beautiful Girl In The World' Until The World Reacted! Here's Where She Ended Up

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When it comes to the world of modeling, there isn't much that's considered to be truly taboo. Yet, one aspect that many get into heated arguments and debates about is the term 'child model'. Many, quite rightly, consider the cutthroat fashion industry to be a step too far for a child; with the constant exposure and hounding by the media being a big negative on the child's mental growth. They believe no one so young should be exposed to a world so cruel, and they make a pretty good point.

The debate is pretty well encapsulated by Thylane Blondeau, who was given the lofty title of 'most beautiful girl in the world' when she was just a child.
So, who exactly is Thylane? And what made her the 'most beautiful girl in the world'? Read on to find out.

Born to French football star Patrick Blondeau and actress Véronika Loubry, she was born into fame and primed for the modeling world since she was a toddler.

Back in 2005, when she was just 4, she walked in the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show as a runaway model. Considering how stressful the modeling world can be, many countries even have rules that state models must be at least 17 before walking the ramp. But Thylane wasn't just your average model.

Boasting gorgeous blue eyes and amazing looks to boot, it wasn't too much of a surprise that she was given the title of 'most beautiful girl in the world'.
What catapulted her to the mainstream? Keep reading to find out.

She caught worldwide attention when she appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine. While this might seem normal at first glance, she was only 10 at the time. Many expressed concern at the over-sexualization of someone who wasn't even in her teens.

Psychologist Emma Grey spoke out, saying, “This picture is the antithesis of what childhood in our society should be; a child being exposed to a world she is not yet equipped to deal with solely to serve the needs of the adults around her."

In response to the criticism, Blondeau's mother said, "I admit I myself was shocked during the photo shoot. But let me be precise: the only thing that shocked me is that the necklace she wore was worth €3 million!”

Her mother claims that her daughter has lived a perfectly normal life, turning down most fashion offers she has received.
What is Thylane up to currently? Just keep reading..

At just 14, Thylane was tapped by highly sought out international modeling agency IMG. She has still maintained her popularity, building up a large fanbase on Instagram.

In an interview with Teen Vogue in 2015, she said, "My favorite part of the job is meeting new photographers and makeup artists. I love to try on the clothes, too!” She aspires to be a movie star and is working hard towards achieving that goal.

When asked of the difficulties of being a child model, she didn't seem too bothered. She responded with, “Well, Kate Moss started modeling at the age of 15, and that was a little while ago," she said. "So, no. I’m not too young. If you have a good agency and people who take care of you… it’s perfect.”

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