Pregnant mom can't feel baby moving at week 30, doctors discovery in womb gives parents chills

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At week 30 if you don't feel your baby moving inside, something is definitely not right. Scared? Take a look...


They say your baby is a gift to you by god. That is possibly the best time in woman's life. It makes every woman complete is what we believe. But sadly, those 9 months aren't perfect for everyone.

Not So Blissful

But sadly, not every time the journey of those beautiful 9 months is blissful. Such was the case with Briony and Mike Curwood. Their story would bring tears in your eyes!

The Start

About 21 weeks after Briony became pregnant, she went to the hospital for a routine test. The doctors did ultrasound to determine the sex of the child, and it turned out that there was a little girl in Briony’s belly! Everything was according to the plan here. No problems whatsoever!

The Weird Observation

But exactly 9 weeks later, Briony noticed something weird. Briony no longer felt anything in her womb. The expectant mother feared something was horribly wrong.

Only when they went to the hospital were they shattered. The doctors immediately scanned Briony’s belly to see why the child wasn’t moving.

Emergency Delivery

What they found out was utterly heartbreaking. It turned out that the little girl stopped growing 22 weeks into the pregnancy. It was extremely rare, according to doctors. Therefore, they had to immediately deliver the baby. 

“They told me I’d to prepare to give birth either that day or the next morning. I was excited at first because I thought I was going to see my baby,” the nervous Mom told the Hull Daily Mail. ”I didn’t know anything about prematurity as we always had 10-pound babies in my family. But then I realized it was way too early and I got really scared.”

Just Like A Doll

Cesarean section was performed and luckily for everyone, things went smoothly. But since the little girl stopped growing 22 weeks into the pregnancy, a little girl was extremely small and only weighed about 1 lb 7 oz.

“She didn’t look like a baby. She looked just like a little doll. Her ears hadn’t come out of her head properly,” Briony said.

Things Looked Better

Although the delivery went well, little Ava Grace was far from safe. Nobody knew if she would survive the first few days. “I asked if she would survive and they told me to take it hour by hour. Then it was week by week. But she was an absolute trooper and, to look at her now, you would never know all she had been through,” says Briony.

Things looked better now. Although baby girl was born with an underdeveloped brain and an irregular heartbeat, she was able to leave the hospital after a few weeks!

A Happy Family

Now, this looks like one happy family, doesn't it? It is amazing how little Ava survived. After all, she's a fighter!

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