Pick A Pattern And We’ll Show You How Your Mind Works

May 23, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

The way we think controls everything about us. If we were to change out mindsets completely we would no longer be the same person that we are or were. When it comes to figuring out things about ourselves and our thought processes in general tapping into the subconscious is a great place to begin.

Below you are going to see an image with nine different patterns/geometrical shapes. Don’t think too hard, just choose one that stands out to you. The one that first catches your attention is the one you should be reading into. We are all drawn to different things and most of us don’t really know why. Once you have chosen your pattern continue on to see what it says about the way you think.

#1: Clean and To The Point

You like to really think before speaking. You make sure everything you say is right to the point and you don’t waste any time on small talk. This has you lacking in the relationship/friendship department but does prevent lots of misunderstandings.

#2: Bold and Courageous

You are a very bold person and that shows in the way you think about things. You are courageous and do not let the things you fear to hold you back. When you think ‘I don’t know if I can do this’ you do it anyway. You contradict yourself in some of the best possible ways.

#3: Consistent and Closed Off

You think in a way that most people tend to at one point or another in their lives. You do not let anything sink in, you are very closed off. However, you like consistency and when something happens you always think about how it is going to affect you.

#4: Positive Perspective

You think positively about all the things that happen in your life. When something bad happens you find the good in it. Even the worst of times can bring forth something good and you are forever reminding people of that.

#5: Pushing For More

You are always thinking about the bigger picture. You think about how to get further in life and push for more and more constantly. No matter how hard you try you cannot seem to get where you want because where you want to be is always changing.

#6: Going With The Flow

You don’t really think about anything. You just go with the flow and let whatever is going to happen, happen. You never really make plans, you just live and let live.

#7: Negative Nancy

Every single time something bad happens you make it out to be far worse than it is. Your mind is your own worst enemy. Your mind always dives right for the negative things instead of focusing on the positive things. You cannot help it and sometimes you don’t even notice it.

#8: Ready to Impress

You do things just to make other people notice you. You are always thinking up new ways to stand out. You are the queen/king of being extra and you love it. Impressing others is something you strive for.

#9: Centered and Unafraid

You are basically fearless and sure of yourself. In your mind remaining who you are is the most important thing and everything you do you want to ensure reflects who you are. You don’t care what other people think of you when you are facing criticism you don’t give it a second thought.

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