[Personality Test] What Did You See First In This Picture?

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What do you see first? How did that determine your personality?

Find out how your interpretation of the world influences your character. Take a look at these pictures to learn something about yourself you didn’t know before.

Psychology tests are often based on interpreting the first thing you see depicted in a picture. We offer you such a test.

The first thing you see in these 5 pictures will reveal the whole truth about you!

It’s not to be taken too seriously, but it can reveal something interesting.

What do you see first in this picture?


A harp

▶ You have a soft heart, contrary to the tough look! You like clean, simple, clearly logical things. Always try to keep everything clean. Also, you care about what others think of you so you try hard just to fit in a group. You have a fear of losing someone you like so you remain neutral. Try not to take a side when your two friends are fighting. People sometimes think you are arrogant, chic, and cool with everything, but you are actually sensitive and tender.

A woman’s face

▶ You have your own unique individuality! You like mysteries, uncertain and unanswered things. You clearly know your own mind and create your own unique style and lifestyle. Also, you tend to be a perfectionist. Have an obsession that you should be the best in everything and this drives you to always have the best results. In an emotional way, you are a simple, naive person who easily forgets a person who betrayed you or you used to hate. People think you are a sociable, outgoing person, but in fact, you are more comfortable enjoying yourself in your comfort zone.

The sky

▶ You are a soft, flexible person! You are very generous, friendly and nice to people. You make people around you feel comfortable. They tend to rely on you and trust you. Also, whatever happens, you keep calm, do not overreact, and you deal with it. However, you are emotional, get touched easily because you have a soft heart. Contrary to the tough look, you have a soft heart and you often feel lonely.



You have a mysterious charm and have an artistic sense. Also, you have great observation skills. You like to observe anything you see. You are kind and witty.
However, you are too proud of yourself and you change your mind too often. This can make you feel lonely so keep this in mind!

A butterfly

You have a unique personality and you are outstanding in visual fields. Always make fast and clear decisions and you are an excellent troubleshooter among your friends.

However, you are sometimes too strict that some people think you are a difficult person. So be careful with this!

Blade of grass

You have excellent learning skills and analytical skills that people recognize you as a smart and organized person.
You are good at controlling your mind and good at managing things systemically and analytically.
However, you tend to be a perfectionist who has a big fear of making a small mistake so be careful with this!

A skull

You have good observations skills and communication skills. You are a skilled mediator between two fighting friends. People love you because you are a warm-hearted person who gives good advice to them.

However, you can sometimes have problems because of your laziness and indecisive attitude so be careful with this!



▶ Your core strength is “Genuine Perspective” Your perspective is extremely genuine, which makes your opinion and feedback very valuable to many people around you! Sometimes people find you too naive to view the world in such simple, pure, and direct way. Nonetheless, when it comes to final decision making the same people come to you for your honest feedback without any bias.

A girl

▶ Your core strength is “Superb Communication Skills”!

You have extraordinary interpersonal skills, particularly when it comes to communicating your thoughts to others. You are very emphatic and can easily engage in other people’s situations as if they were your own problems. People find talking with you therapeutic at times for this reason.

A man’s face

▶Your core strength is “Strong Leadership” You prefer to take initiative and tackle your own problems rather than to rely on other people to solve it for you. You are a born leader! Many people naturally follow your leadership and have faith in you, but some envy your strong charisma and great popularity too. Yet even they eventually get persuaded by your impressive communication skills and begin to trust your intuition and direction.

A table

▶ Your core strength is “Brilliant Creativity”!

You have impressive level of creativity and imagination! You have clear potential to be a great artist too.

You are sensitive and full of emotions. You are not afraid to express your thoughts and feelings to others. This sincerity and transparent nature of yours attract many people to engage in deep, enriching conversations with you.


What element of the picture caught your eyes first? Your choice will reveal how much GOOD and EVIL you actually have in you! Click and see for yourself.

A boat

If you chose the boat, you are 100% EVIL! But of course, it’s not to say you’re actually 100% malicious. Your straightforwardness may come across as sort of evil to someone who doesn’t know you well. It seems that, in today’s society, confidence can be a double-edged sword! Just make sure you don’t lose your temper over frivolous things because you know better than that!

A man

If you chose the man, you are 80% GOOD and 20% EVIL! You have a warm and caring personality. You like attending social gatherings and meeting new people, and you are a great sympathizer as well. Your playfulness is charming because you never cross the line. Everyone feels comfortable around you and you can always make them laugh.

The ocean

If you chose the ocean, you are 100% GOOD! You have a gentle nature and you can never refuse a favor that’s asked of you. You always strive to achieve justice, and you take care to maintain peace. You’re known to put others before you. You’re the first to help out those in need, and you’re of service to others even if it means personal sacrifice on your part. People that know you all say that you’re the nicest person they know. Just be aware that there are some people out there who might try to take advantage of your kindness.

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