Old Man Keeps Calling For Help But Only When Firemen Arrive Does He Reveal His True Identity

May 23, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

In 2014, Douglas Marks, 82, and his wife Maxine lived a quiet life at their home in Decatur, Georgia.

Since his retirement, Douglas suffered from emphysema, dementia, and multiple strokes. Maxine called Dekalb County’s Station 9 fire department a countless number of times on her husband’s behalf. The firemen had gotten used to the frequent calls. They would respond to the Marks home with medical aid, exchange some pleasantries and continue on their way.

It wasn’t until yet another medical call that Station 9 finally realized Mister Marks was actually Lieutenant Marks. Not only did the firefighters learn Douglas was one of their own, they also learned that they were serving the oldest living retired firefighter in their county.

That was all it took for an undeniable bond between the heroes, both young and old, to be instantly formed. The department quickly dove into Douglas’ backstory and their visits became much more meaningful.

In 1960, Douglas was the 38th hire in a department that is now 650 strong. He was Dekalb County’s first paramedic, and he also served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He retired in 1985 before growing ill.

Though Station 9 was called to the Marks residence for medical aid, the department couldn’t help but notice the couple’s home was in desperate need of repair. Douglas and Maxine needed a new deck and a ramp for his wheelchair. The roof, insulation, and flooring were all falling apart.

Before Douglas passed away in March 2016, that’s exactly what his new “family” did.

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