Mom With Bulging Belly At 19 Weeks Thinks It’s Twins Only To Deliver 5 Babies In 60 Seconds

May 28, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Jamie and Skyler Scott got married in 2004 and welcomed their Shayden the following year. After a few years of trying to conceive a second time, Jamie delivered her second son, Landon.

For five years, the Utah couple tried desperately to have another baby. They sought out a fertility specialist who administered intra-uterine insemination and fertility drugs. On the second round of treatment, they were thrilled to find out they were expecting.

At just 19 weeks, Jamie already looked nine months pregnant! Her bump had gotten so big so quickly that she could no longer walk and needed a wheelchair to stay mobile. During their first ultrasound, she and Skyler expected to see one or two little sacs. After all, she did take fertility medication and had high hormone levels.

Imagine their surprise when the nurse pointed to five healthy heartbeats… it was quintuplets! This is estimated to occur in only one out of 55 million pregnancies.

“Our goal was 32-and-a-half weeks. Dr. Elliott’s goal was 34 weeks,” Jamie told LDS Living. “Given that our little Logan wanted to come at 21 weeks, I am so grateful that our babies stayed put until 29 weeks. I am just amazed at how well they are all doing.”

Lily, Violet, Daisy, Logan, and Lincoln were born on March 21, 2018, between 1:27 and 1:28 a.m. Each baby weighed less than three pounds.

After Jamie’s rare pregnancy went viral, the world anxiously awaited the birth of the Scott Quintuplets. In the video below, watch what happened when Jamie got to hold all five of her miracle babies for the first time ever.

Absolutely beautiful.

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