Meet The Youngest Father Who is Just 13-year-old!

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This story has a big drama of a very younger, Love Betrayal and some stunning matters. Today, we’re going to speak about a 13-years-old boy who stated he was the youngest father. After listening to this you may get little uncomfortable however this has happened. This tale is surprising for absolutely everyone as of how can a 13-years-old boy can be a father.

Back in 2009, a boy named Alfie Patten who’s just 13-years-old became a dad. Alfie became a Youngest Father in Britain. Alfie had a daughter, Maisie Roxanne, who was born with the weight of 7 pounds 3 ounces.

Alfie Patten The Youngest Father In Britain

Alfie Patten stated it was extremely enthusiastic time. It was a tremendous feeling to hold Maisie for the first time as he was too younger to understand such scenario as a Youngest Father. Alfie didn’t recognize the consequences of being a dad, however, he liked holding Maisie and hugged her.

Meet The 15-Year-Old Mother

The mother was simply 15-years-old. Chantelle Stedman gave delivery to a daughter Maisie. Afterall it’s far a shocking news that 13-years-old Alfie has become a father, suddenly he has become very famous. Alfie was known as a “Britain’s Youngest Father.” The media was not leaving him all alone.

Alfie got a lot of attention from all people. Anyplace he goes everybody knew who is he. For weeks he didn’t pop out of the residence and also took off from school.

Nobody had any idea on how can a young boy can raise a child. A reporter requested Alfie that can he provide the baby financially? Alfie replied, “What’s financial?” See, this child didn’t even know what is Financial and has become a dad.

Alfie’s Mom Wanted Answers

The Media and people of United kingdom went crazy. They all were shocked that a 13-year-old who didn’t know what does Financially approach can look after a small baby.

On the opposite side Nicola, Alfie’s mom was heartbroken.

And the more important thing is that she was doubtful. As Maisie was born Alfie was just 4′ 4” and also his voice hadn’t even broken.

Nicola said when she tried to ask Alfie about the exact thing what happened he wouldn’t reply her properly.
Alfie Was Not The Only Potential Father

As Nicola was doubtful about the father, she took the incident for a paternity test. Nicola was sure that Maisie couldn’t be her son’s daughter. There had been two other boys from the neighborhood who came and said that they can be the daddy of Maisie. So Nicola was sure that there may be something fishy about the situation so she tried to get to the bottom of the story.
The Paternity Test Came Back…

Ultimately, the Paternity check proved that Alfie was not the daddy. Alfie’s mind was just ruined.

As he couldn’t see Maisie anymore due to the fact her family moved away as quickly as they came to know that Alfie wasn’t the dad. He cried a lot for few days and didn’t even come out of the room.

So Now Who Was The Father?

A boy from the neighborhood, named Tyler Barker. Tyler was just 13 at the time of conception. Barker accepted that he lost his virginity to Chantelle during the one-night stand as he was drunken.

Tyler said, having sex was the worst mistake of his life he ever made it. “I wish I’d never met her.”

A Father At 14

Tyler said, she asked him many times but he neglected her. For many boys, it was a routine to stay with her in her bed but Tyler only went once and this happened.

And all of us know that once is enough to make a girl pregnant. So this is how a 14-year-old Boy Tyler became a father.

Young, Unprotected Sex

When this shocking story broke the Internet, most of the UK people said it as an example of poor sex education. None of them used contraception.

Tyler said, that he did not use any protection but Chantelle told him that she will take the morning-after pill. Maybe she didn’t take care of it.

It Was A Huge Blow For Alfie

Overnight Tyler was forced to grow up and told him to manage the role of a father. On the other side, Alfie was relaxed from the fact that he is not a father. He thought Chantelle and him had a relationship at one time. He also went to the doctor with her and kept the pregnancy secret till she was ready to tell her parents.

Alfie Moved On

Alfie had to leave the past behind so he moved on. His family, friends helped him. However, Tyler’s friends were not helpful.

He said, all of his friends were teasing him and it was not at all funny. It was definitely not Funny and he agreed to it with Tyler.

Alfie’s Parents Were Heavily Criticized

Alfie’s father Dennis, and Mom Nicola were having blast on their parenting. Many people blasted on them for profiting off their young son. Nicola said we did not do anything for money. We didn’t make a single penny from those articles. We don’t know how the interviews came out and how people came and talk about us.

Glad That He’s Not A Youngest Father

Finally, in 2014, Alfie expressed his regret for what all happened. Alfie accepted that he is happy that He is not a dad now.

Then what about his love life Post-scandal?

After that Alfie had two relationships with the girls. But when it comes to making babies, he said, I have no intention of having one soon. Maybe later in life.”
What About The Baby?

The Baby Maisie is taken a good care by Chantelle and her mother, Penny Stedman. Now, Maisie is 8 Years old. Just 4 years younger than Alfie when he lost his virginity to Chantelle.

We hope, Maisie learns from her parent’s mistakes and don’t forget to use protection when she has a physical relation.

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