Meet Noah Wall: ‘The boy Who Was Born Without A Brain’

May 28, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Did you ever wonder what would have if humans didn’t have a brain? Well, we all know that’s practically not possible but there was a case back in 2012 where a boy named Noah Wall was born without a brain.

Vertebral Section

Noah’s vertebral section was deformed and there was no cerebrum. These changes in the body of Noah Wall happened because of hydrocephalus. This resulted from him being born without a brain.

Doctor Decision For Little Boy

The doctor’s decision was obvious that Noah Wall won’t be completely competent. His body won’t have the capacity to serve himself inconsequentially, this is a severe demise for the little boy.

Doctor suggested For Abortion

When the mom of Noah was pregnant with him, Doctor suggested to interfere with pregnancy, yet she battled with it and gave birth to Noah.

Strange Happened

What shocked the doctors was that the kid Shelly gave birth to was not equipped in all regards. Instead, something weird happened that absolutely no one was expecting.

Health Issues

Noah Wall, who is sick to a wheelchair, still has a lot of health issues, shows astonishing issues of progress in recent months.

Doctor Was Shocked

Months ago Noah Wall struggled to recognize numbers but now, thanks to his own determination constant profit from his parents and he reached a level of ability far beyond that predicted by any doctor.

Shelly Said

“He has been chatting so much more and pronouncing his words,’ Shelly explains in the show. He has started writing, he can follow my finger and write his name. His concentration was just unbelievable with the pen, I didn’t know that this day would ever come.” 

“You can see the excitement, and he knows that he had done something amazing..he amazes us every day. It was absolutely fantastic,” Noah Wall’s father Rob said.

Battle To the End

Which mom would take such risks and stay strong in such situations, Parents of Noah Wall are certain their son will be able to do whatever he wishes when he is older and hopes he can one day have his dream job. The example of Noah Wall demonstrates that you need to battle to the end for what you believe!

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