Meet The 8-Year-Old Drag Queen With An Alter-Ego Named Lactatia

May 31, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Unlike adults, children not only believe they can do anything they want--- they actually do it. Eight-year-old Nemis Quinn Melancon Golden is the young drag queen “taking the world by storm” thanks to the support of his parents and biggest fans. Since the age of seven, Nemis has been in love with drag, and with the help of his family, has fully realized his greatest drag dreams. While Nemis and his family have had to endure backlash and abuse from people on the internet, it isn’t stopping young Nemis, otherwise known as Lactatia, from doing what he loves.

Drag queen. Many eight-year-old boys love playing sports, fighting with their siblings, and causing trouble everywhere they go. But Nemis, better known as Lactatia, is now like most boys his age.

Viral. Nemis first impressed interest in being a drag queen at the age of seven, and soon began to take voguing classes and began mimicking his drag idols, which include Binger Mini and more. Then last year, he went viral after drag queen Bianca del Rio brought him on stage during one of her shows.

Success. Ever since then, Nemis has seen nothing but success. In fact, he was even the winner of a voguing contest that earned him a trophy and the respect and admiration of all who watched him perform.

Life. "Anyone can do what they want in life. It doesn't matter what anyone else things. If you want to be a drag queen and your parents won't let you, you need new parents,” said the young drag star, as reported by Advocate.

Critics. Despite Nemis’ success, it hasn’t come without its criticisms. Last year, Nemis and his mom Jessica appeared on the UK tv show This Morning, where Jessica explained her reasoning for supporting her son.

Support. "I think it's extremely important to allow your children to really tap into their creative side, encourage and foster that independent spirit and being an individual. I encourage all parents with their kids, if they have a passion, support it and let them do it,” Jessica said.

Backlash. Unfortunately, instead of being praised, Jessica was met with backlash from people who watched the segment and were in disbelief at what they heard. They maintain that in allowing Nemis to participate in drag, she’s “sexualizing” and “abusing” him.

Comments. "Disgusting that children that young are being sexualized by their parents, it's not right!” said one user. "Seen this kid before it's sooooo wrong it's obvs the mum pushing it! I've got no problem with him doing it when he's older,” said another.

Unbothered. However, Nemis doesn’t seem to be bothered by anything people say, and continues to do what he loves. He believes drag is a form of art and plans on doing it for the rest of his life.

Art. "When I was about seven. When I started watching RuPaul’s drag race, I was like, this is a form of art. I love to sing in the shower. I love going up on stage and I love seeing people. Yep, I’m going to be a drag queen forever,” said Nemis, as reported by the Mirror UK.

Destiny. Jessica says she knew early on that her son was destined to become a star. He was always borrowing clothing from his sister and had a confident and outgoing personality. It’s no wonder he’s now a huge star.

Determined. "I think that’s just natural. It's just natural ability. When he was a toddler he had this captivating personality and was very secure. Just really determined - he’s very self-aware,” said Jessica, as reported by the Mirror UK.

More backlash. Earlier this year, Nemis and his mother faced backlash once again after it was announced that he would be the face of fashion company House of Mann. The company specializes in menswear and custom pieces for performance, and gifted Nemis a sequined jumper.

Designer. “Over the holidays we had been gifted a custom piece from the incredible burlesque, drag, and ballroom performance wear designers from the #HouseofMann! Much love for artists supporting artists!” he wrote on Facebook.

Couture. However, some have criticised the designer, Brandon Hilton, calling him a pedophile for allowing the youngster to wear his clothes. “These people, the ones who hate on it so fiercely, do not understand drag, drag couture, drag performance,” Jessica told Pink News.

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