Medical astrology: Health analysis by sign in the horoscope

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Scales should look at kidneys and skin, Fish on veins, Scorpions on genital infections, and Bulls on the throat and thyroid. The scorers are prone to overdo it in food and drink …

Medical astrology deals with the analysis of the health status of an individual. Each Zodiac sign represents one or more organs in the body that are its weak points. But every disease can be prevented, and a horoscope can help.

The roots of medical astrology go far into history. In ancient Egypt, the horoscope was used for the purpose of diagnosing and treating the disease, and the most prominent Greek physician Hippocrates watched the movement of the stars because he thought that they were a very powerful weapon in the hands of experts. Considering the fact in which you were born, discover which diseases you tend to more than others. SIX HOUSE REVERSES HEALTH AND DISEASE The sixth house of the horoscope shows how our state of health is and, depending on the planet found in it, we can anticipate the potential diseases and the way we take care of our health.

LOSS OF ORGANISMS AND ENERGY POINTS Astromedicine is a branch of astrology that, based on the dominant planet for each zodiac sign, can predict what your weak points are and which organ has the smallest energy ow. Saturn with sun and moon People who have heavy astrophysics of Saturn with the Sun and the Moon more often depress the depression than others, while the same aspects with the planet Uranus aect the nervous system. 

Health analysis by the zodiac sign Aries 

More often than not, you are tilting headaches and diculties with your eyes and ears. You are prone to neuralgia, fever and inammation. You should regularly go to dental examinations and maintain hygiene of the oral cavity. You are very proud and often fears you from the failure that creates additional burdens. Therefore, rush and rush with everything you do. Such behavior can be a cause of injuries and minor injuries. It will calm you down to sports activities. But the power lives in you, in your planet Mars, which allows you to quickly recover after the illness. A powerful life force in you does not allow you to surrender to anything, even to health disorders. 


Neck and throat are your sensitive points. Stienings are certain in the upper part of the spine, you can get rid of angina and have interference with the voice, or vocal cords. Already in childhood you are susceptible to the infection of the tonsils or tonsils that you are forced to operate. You are sensitive to cold, you are attacked by colds accompanied by cough, and your immunity falls during the winter months, especially in February. Your sign is also associated with eating disorders, as well as hormonal disorders. The thigh is a gland that is also under the auspices of your sign, so you need to pay more attention to it. It is recommended to regularly engage in sports and a healthy, balanced diet. 


Your sign is in the hands, shoulders, sts, part and lungs. You are always in a movement, doing several things at the same time, and when you are dwelling too much, you are thinking. And this ‘superfast’ rhythm of life and the addiction to thinking can sometimes be a source of great mental tension. You must allow time for relaxation, a day in which you will escape from all obliquencies and rest from your own thoughts. A slightly chaotic and busy way of life can lead to psychosomatic changes, and the most sensitive respiratory tract, especially sinuses, is your most sensitive. As Gemini, you can tilt allergies and more often bronchitis. If you are a smoker, interrupt with this bad habit and learn to rest. Meditate, do yoga … 


You are sensational and everything that shakes you, upset or positively stimulates you will feel in your belly. This area is like your life compass, a detector that alerts you to the danger, but also on good things. That’s why there’s a lot of load here, so you’re more sensitive to abdominal cavity diseases. It is recommended to take care of the diet, take probiotics, drink tea from chamomile or ginger. The scabs are sensitive to the chest, so it is smart once a year to submit to mammography and ultrasound. Since you are extremely sensitive and prone to sudden changes in mood, it is important for you to move, stay in nature and an active lifestyle. In this way you will successfully ght passivity, black thoughts and concerns. photo: Dreamstime 


Your planet Sun gives you a lot of vitality and good health, but everyone, so you also have a weak point. Your character is dominated by heart and torso, as well as on your back. When you are upset, you may feel a rapid heartburn and may be more likely to visit your doctor for arrhythmia and similar disorders. Sometimes high pressure can be dicult, so it is important to avoid accumulation of stress and tension. Regular massages, as well as physical activity, especially pilates, can help with constipation and back pain.


The person you are thinking a lot, the long hours spent in analyzing everything that is happening to him, which can be a source of constant restlessness and strain. In your case, some health problems may be psychosomatic, especially if you are dissatised and burdened for a long time. You are a person who is related to your thoughts and therefore it is important to ask for their truth and not to worry about what’s coming tomorrow. Under the inuence of your sign there is a digestive tract and a nervous system. It is prone to getting upset, inadequate, so it is imperative to avoid carbohydrates, drink plenty of water and eat more boiled and unleavened foods. 


Your character is dominated by kidneys, lower back and skin. Perhaps the stars have given you a special blessing of beautiful skin and almost porcelain teas, but the fact is that from time to time you may have some skin problems, such as allergic reactions, dermatitis, sebaceous and the like. In your case, the skin is manifesting mental or health disorder. In addition, you are inclined to excessive uid retention in your body, so you need to drink more water, avoid pre-cooked foods, canned foods, and salty cheeses. You are also more sensitive to bladder, kidney stones, etc. Concern often leads to migraines. Regular jogging can help you feel better.


You are durable, full of energy, and one of your blessings is a great recovery from all the problems and also those of health. Your area is genital organs, bladder, prostate, bile, colon and rectum. You are prone to genital infections, so practice safe sex. Like the Libra, lean against urinary tract infections and stone and kidney growth. Emotional stressful situations can aect your libido, and in men and erectile problems

Dealing with intense sports programs such as martial arts or regular gym attendance is essential for your mental and physical health. This way you deal with accumulated stress and excess energy. 


The positive eect of your planet Jupiter is manifested in positive life energy, enthusiasm and optimism, and health problems and life crises only arise when you lose faith in yourself. That is why it is a good thing to devote yourself to personal and spiritual development, which will signicantly raise the quality of your life. Your areas of the body are liver, hips and thighs. You should avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs and outbreaks of fat from the diet. In addition, it is more prone to the thunder. More often than not others suer from sports injuries. Live fast, and the accelerated and stressful pace of life has its consequences. It’s a must-have sport! 


You are a person who takes care of your health, which is great, but this may sometimes be a cause for hypochondria. Yes, fears are your greatest enemies, and the consequences of such a life may be reected on your psyche. You will easily become depressed and anxious. Learn how to relax, release things that load you and keep you in the pipeline, take vitamin B12 regularly, some research on its eectiveness in treating anxiety. Your character is dominated by bones and joints. In the poodmaklo age, you lean against rheumatism. Consumption of calcium and vitamin C is recommended. You need light, do not close inside the four walls, expose yourself to the sun’s rays. 


Because of overwork, you sometimes have to neglect the endurance limits of your body as well as its needs. So there are health disorders that can be manifested to the health of your heart, the vascular system, as well as the stomach. Sensitive points of the body are your knees, ankles and ankles. Your mind is your strongest weapon, but sometimes it can turn itself against you and put you in some beliefs that are more damaging than you are using. It is important for you to have an inner balance, avoid any extremes.

Find some sport to your degree. When you’re nervous and you do not express your feelings you can bite your nails and jerk. Deep breathing, especially in the morning, prepares you for all the eorts of the day. 


Dreams play a big part in your life. The ones that you create in the awake state are essential to accomplish yourself by making yourself and becoming a happy person. Sleeping dreams can often be burdensome, intense and predictive. Insomnia is a normal thing for you, as well as similar sleep disorders. Your weak points are your feet, veins. Wear a comfortable footwear, and sometimes you can not remove it from the bottom of your lowered foot. When you are unhappy and unhappy you leap the escape of reality, often with alcohol and tranquilizers. Your sensitivity is so much that you can not protect yourself from negativity. This will help you discover the secrets you will discover if you devote yourself to spiritual development. 

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