Man Taking Photos Of Ice Storm Finds Missing Woman Alive, Frozen To Ground After 2 Days

May 23, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

In the winter of 2015, the state of Tennessee was blasted with a full week of nasty storms. At least 30 people died due to hypothermia and weather-related automobile accidents.

After the worst of the storms passed, Keith Sheldon decided to do some exploring along the rural county road one morning. The road was dangerous, especially during storms, and was mostly used by construction workers… or drivers who had gotten lost.

While out taking photos of the ice storm’s destruction, Keith stumbled upon a car abandoned in a snowy ditch. Then he saw a shocking sight: a woman was curled up on the ground, her brown jacket frozen solid to the ground. She blended in so well that Keith initially thought she was part of the dirt.

What Keith didn’t know was that a 74-year-old woman had been reported missing for two days after leaving her home in Nashville. However, her family said this wasn’t the first time she’d gone missing, as she had suffered brain injuries from horseback riding that sometimes left her disoriented.

Keith called out to the seemingly lifeless woman frozen to the ground but got no response. He slowly approached her and moved in close.

Seconds later, he knew something had sent him there for a reason.

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