Magical Reading for May 17.

May 16, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Interesting to see that the cards that were most adamant about showing up for this reading are The Lightworker Oracle. At first I thought no, it should be the Earth Warriors, but Spirit was pretty darn clear that it was going to be the Lightworkers. When I asked the crystals who wanted to come participate they guided me to use something different. So this week we have a shell, a wooden heart and a bear tooth (no, it’s not gross). All very powerful Earth talismans which really ties in with the New Moon being in Taurus.

Did you remember to pick?

Let’s go have a look shall we?


It is time your life became easier. It is time for you to walk the way of divine grace with trust, simplicity and acceptance. You do not have to try to make things happen. You can gracefully act without attachment and trust that all will be as it is meant to be. Surrender your struggles, now, as you allow life to serve you with love and kindness. This is the most efficient use of your energy and will lead to the best results.

The Law of Efficiency encourages us to work smarter, rather than always working harder. It is like learning to allow a wave to carry you to shore, rather than swimming the entire way with your own efforts alone – or even against the current, which would make the journey even harder. It is like planting a seed at the right time so nature will help it bloom in the spring, rather than planting it during the dead of winter, when it takes a lot of effort to keep it alive – and even then it may not survive.

To hitch your wagon to the Universe in this way, you need to learn to listen. This means tuning in to what feels right or wrong at any given time. Sometimes, you will want to push forward, yet your intuitive knowing will guide you to rest. Sometimes, you will want to hide from a challenge – and yet know in your bones it is time to step up and shine with boldness, despite the fear you may feel.

The Law of Efficiency is also sometimes known as the path of least resistance. We must find strength that comes from letting go and trusting that the Universe knows what it is doing! Trust now. Trust that all will come in time.


As you meditate, remain true to what inspires your heart and commit to your spiritual path, you become an increasingly powerful healer. You are here to live your own life, to be true to what genuinely moves you. The unconditionally loving guide and Ascended Master Serapis Bey comes to you now with a blessing of master healing to further your success on your path.

The Master Serapis Bey is a beloved guide for those who feel a strong soul connection to ancient Egypt, for healers who are developing their own modalities, and those who love to work with high frequency concepts. He also assists with the translation of spiritual inspiration into practical worldly plans. He comes to confirm that the ascended masters are aware of you. You are an integral part of a powerful spiritual team that has taken physical incarnation to help awaken consciousness into love.

Tune into your heart. What do you love enough to overcome any obstacle to attain it? What motivates and inspires you? Not what seems possible or practical, but what is authentic? We are most powerful when we serve authentically from the heart.

When we are willing to be who we are, the Universe can more easily guide us to fulfil our destinies. Serapis Bey will help you see yourself truthfully. You may gain feedback from others that helps you understand the value of what you share. Or you may simply find it easier to view yourself objectively, with a compassionate, appreciative and discerning inner eye. As you learn and accept who you are, you become a more powerful vibration for masters to put to use in the plan of love. If you ask for something, are are willing to go through the process required to have that come to life, it will happen for you. The Universe is that generous, unconditionally supportive and loving of you. It will provide you will all that you need to manifest your dreams, desires and destiny.


You are fast outgrowing level of consciousness to which are attached particular wounds, issues and struggles. As you outgrow that consciousness, these issues will release their grip on you. You are receiving divine notice that karmic clearing is taking place, through a combination of your own efforts and spiritual grace from the heart of the Divine. It is time for an old wound to be released, once and for all.

Karma is not punishment. Karma is essentially our soul’s lesson plan for this lifetime, carried over from past lifetimes. It is the way we grow and develop as a soul, sometimes through challenges and sometimes through blessings.

Our “positive” karma is seen in the skills and talents we have mastered over many lifetimes. Also, when opportunities flow easily and healing happens swiftly, there is a sense of positive karma, an easy grace that effortlessly takes place in your life. This is what happens when we are clear enough of our own past pain to have little resistance between us and the natural flow of life. More challenging karma is revealed in the lessons we are still learning. These usually appear in the guise of painful circumstances or reactions that repeat themselves in our lives. The stronger the soul, the more challenging the lesson it is willing to master this lifetime. When you are working through big challenges, it is often a sign that you are on an advanced spiritual path.

We clear karma by learning to trust and relax, by choosing not to punish ourselves with shame, guilt, fear or unworthiness, by continuing to balance our efforts with a surrender into divine grace. We take responsibility for our own healing – doing all that we can – and trusting that the Universe will lovingly and effectively handle everything else so that we can progress and succeed.

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