"Is one of your babies black?" - Proud mum speaks out about her very special twins

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When pregnant Teegan Wardill went for her 19 week 3D scan, she was looking for any signs as to whether her twins would be identical.

But as soon as she saw them on the screen she could see differences between her two little boys, and she could immediately tell them apart.

And as soon as Lucas and Levi were born, she knew she had two very special little boys.

Speaking to Mirror Online Teegan, 30, said "We totally could see there was nothing similar about them with Levi's dark hair and Lucas's very light hair.

"Within the first week, Levi's eyes went such a dark deep amazing brown while Lucas's stayed and still are a beautiful blue.

"With West Indian heritage my husband is tall dark and handsome, while I'm fair with light hair and blue eyes."

Teegan and her husband Justin, who live in Australia, couldn't be more proud of their two little boys.

But they've had to deal with a lot of questions from complete strangers about why their boys look so different.

Teegan said: "Yes it's fascinating but is it really okay to ask a Mum, "Are you sure they are twins?"

She's also been asked why one is darker if she had them naturally and if they are both hers.

"We do randomly get people that literally walk in front of the pram so I have to stop, or I'll run them over.

"On the whole, I'm pretty patient, people are fascinated, and I know and I understand our boys are unique and amazing and it surprises people but we don’t want either of our boys growing up questioning themselves because they appear different."

But Teegan and Justin have come up with a brilliant way of dealing with the questions.

Teegan said: "As time has passed Justin and I have tried to just add some humour to it all and when people make comments we will say things like, "the hospital had a buy one, get one free sale", "we found him in the car park and we didn’t want to just leave him there" or "oh what, there's two we only left the house with one!"

But one person who definitely isn't phased by the comments is Lucas and Levi's big sister Kylah-Rose.

Teegan said: "She absolutely adores her little brothers.

"When we are out and about, Kylah-Rose is great at jumping in and answering the questions, "yes - they are twins, yes - they are both my brothers."

"She's getting pretty good at handling the impolite questions too.

"Even when someone says "I don’t mean to be rude, but is one of your babies black?" She’ll say "yes, but they’re twins" and just smile sweetly at them."

But Teegan is worried about the future, and the questions her boys will have to answer growing up.

She said: "As the kids get older, I know I'll worry, and I'll worry much more about Levi because he has the darker skin.

"I hope they aren't picked on because they look different. I worry too that they’ll grow up always having to explain themselves.

"I want them to know how special they are – they are both unique little individuals.

Teegan and Justin's journey to have their children was extremely difficult.

A few months after they tied the knot back in March 2016 Justin was told he had a benign tumour in the base of his brain which was causing pretty drastic hormone imbalances in his body.

This meant there was a good chance he would be infertile.

But in June they had the incredible news that they were pregnant, and at their first scan they were shocked to discover it was twins.

Teegan said: "Needless to say I was scared, anxious and worried. When the sonographer told us Justin laughed, I cried.

"I knew what one baby needed let alone what two would bring."

And things didn't get any easier during the pregnany.

Teegan suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum , the same condition Kate Middleton suffered with during all three of her pregnancies.

She struggled to eat anything at all, normally only managing one meal of day which was usually just one cup of plain rice and plain chicken.

She said: "I think one day we counted that I had been sick more than 30 times.

"Hyperemesis throughout the pregnancy caused so much strain, guilt and struggle, I could barely lift my head from the pillow, I couldn't be a mum."

She managed to get through the horrendous time and by 20 weeks she was starting to gain weight again.

But just weeks later she was back in the hospital after catching a bug over Christmas. This also caused an infection which damaged her liver.

Teegan was then diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, but luckily doctors found it very early on.

She also faced a number of other medical issues and at 36 weeks doctors decided it was safer for her and the babies to deliver.

Levi was born with no complications but Lucas's heart then stopped beating.

Teegan said: "Doctors came running into the room, about ten I think. I don’t exactly remember it all became a blur once I knew something was wrong.

"I was worried and anxious and at that point, my mum and midwife got in my face and blocked out all the other distractions and chaos and they told me I needed to get him out now.

"At that instance it was surreal, I was filled with fear yet not scared. Lucas was delivered bottom first, not breathing, no heartbeat.

"Exhausted, scared and with no idea of what the situation was about five minutes past but to what felt like two hours.

"Then finally a cry. And within minutes I had both our boys in my arms."

Despite a difficult year, the family is looking forward and they're excited about the future.

Teegan said: "The last ten months have brought about many many obstacles and hurdles to get through.

"Many, many sleepless nights and health issues with the boys, some we are finally getting to the bottom of.

"All this but we are here! We are right where we are and we are here for a reason."

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