Girl With Dental Deformity Appears Totally Different After Surgery

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Hitting puberty is just the worst time of our lives. Everything feels awkward, we suffer mood swings and severe lows and euphoric highs. Bullying is a problem in American that only seems to be getting worse due to the rise and access of cyberbullying.

14 Year Ellie,

The young girl in this story was a victim of bullying. As she was suffering from a dental deformity, she was the clear target. 

Every day and every time they said a terrible thing to this 14-year-old Ellie Jones, it brought her lower. And eventually, she had to do something about the way she looked because she could not take the abuse anymore…
Went Through Pain

The truth behind her underdeveloped jaw came to light when she was just 14-years old. Because the dental problem was visible. Not only did she need to deal with the bullying but her deformed jaw misaligned her teeth and caused her physical pain. Those years of her life were the worst thing she could imagine…

Orthodontist Was Shocked By

When the young woman from Ryhl, Wales went to an orthodontist, she was surprised to see that her jaw hadn’t grown since she was 8-years old. 

For six years, Ellie went through surgeries to fix her jaw and make her look normal. Because if she didn’t the bullying would never end and she might have to resort to drastic tactics.

Her Struggle during the surgery

Ellie's orthodontist Joy Hickman once discovered the reason her jaw looked different, her consultant maxillofacial surgeon, Emma Woolley, to help this girl’s life.

Her first surgery was done when she was 16. It was a success, she had the pain which was intolerable and she had to be on a liquid diet for a month. Plus, she couldn’t speak and needed to use a notepad for communication – but the struggle was all worth it in the end.

See Her Transformation

For many years, Ellie used to come to Hickman and Woolley to fix her jaw. And finally after a lot of hard work and dedication to the long-term process, Ellie’s jaw healed and her smile looked beautiful. 

Now her surgeries are completed. And she is fully recovered,Ellie has a normal face – and this means the world to the young Ellie Jones.
Watch the video below

She lives with her parents and her sister and has grown confidently like a young woman who is proud of the way she looks. 

Her parents and teachers have noticed a big improvement in her confidence levels. At her dance class, she used to shy. But now she is confident and eager to show off what she has learned.

Drastic Change

Because bullies are no longer dragging Ellie Jones in the dirt, she has moved on and started rising toward the stars.

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