Expert Lip-Reader Reveals What The Microphones Didn’t Pick Up During The Royal Wedding

May 24, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have been the fourth most viewed Royal nuptials in history, but there were a lot of moments that people on missed on the big day. Now, an expert lip-reader has analyzed the footage and revealed exactly what you didn’t hear.

From touching moments between the couple to some seriously juicy gossip to some hilarious quips, there was more going on at the biggest wedding of 2018 than met the eye. One thing’s for sure, even if you know microphones won’t pick it up, you should be careful what you say at a Royal wedding.

While there is no doubt that many moments from the wedding will be remembered fondly for years to come, it’s arguably the moments which you weren’t meant to hear which will really go down in the history books. So, without further ado, here are six of the most memorable.

1. Celebrity comments on the big day

Shortly after arriving at the church, Tom Parker Bowles gave away more about his personal life than he’d probably like publicise to the world, telling a blonde woman he was walking beside, “I’m not hungover today so that’s really good.”

Meanwhile, singer Joss Stone was clearly worried about the long day ahead and said to a woman accompanying her, “I can sleep on the way home.”

2. Harry’s nerves before Meghan arrives

Minutes before the ceremony was about to start, Harry was clearly worried about whether or not his bride was actually going to turn up and said to William, “Is she here?” His older brother then replied that Meghan hadn’t arrived yet.

3. What Meghan asked Harry outside the chapel

After emerging from the chapel as husband and wife, Meghan asked Harry, “Do we kiss?” and he said yes. The world was then given the picture they’d been waiting for.

4. The Queen’s instructions to Prince Philip

As the newlyweds kissed, the Queen said to Prince Philip “keep waving”.

5. Meghan’s mother’s reaction

Meghan is the first biracial woman to marry into the Royal Family, and clearly overwhelmed by the experience, her mother Doria turned to Prince Charles outside the chapel and described the service as “superb”.

6. Meghan reassuring Harry

Harry’s nerves continued into the ceremony itself, and, according to a body language expert, Meghan “was the strength” of the wedding.

Judi James said Harry performed 12 self-touching body checks, such as pulling his gloves, which were a direct reflection of his anxiety.

Meanwhile, Meghan was totally calm to “help Harry through it”.

“Meghan was amazing. Walking up the aisle by herself, I looked for every smallest sign of suppressed anxiety and nervousness – there was absolutely nothing,” James said.

“I think she probably saw it as her role to help Harry through it rather than the other way round. She sat with her hand over his for quite a bit of the service as though she was reassuring him.”

7. The couple’s gazes during their vows

The body language expert said that Meghan’s gaze was also telling of her confidence on the day.

“For me, today was something we don’t usually get at Royal weddings, which is the eye gazing between the couple because she gave Harry a 100% eye gaze,” James said.

“When he went to take his vows, the undistilled awe and love for her is what we normally see at Royal weddings in very tiny glances – but we got the full force of it with this one, which is what made it unique and very touching.”

8. The Royal Family’s reaction to Michael Curry’s sermon

The multicultural aspects of the ceremony were a Royal first and captured not only the attention of people around the world but that of the Royal family, whose body language revealed a lot about how they were reacting to it.

“It clearly would have been a first for most the Royals, who weren’t expecting it,” James said.

“Camilla went from smiling and laughing in the right places to thumbing through the programme like she did at the Commonwealth Games. I don’t think she was quite sure how to take it.”

“Even Harry did a slight finger tap, which could be a suppressed sign of impatience. He and Meghan kept catching one another’s eyes through it.”

9. Chelsy Davy’s reaction

One of the most analyzed reactions during the ceremony was that of Prince Harry’s former girlfriend, Chelsey Davy. In fact, a picture of her biting her lip went on to spawn a series of memes from people who interpreted her reaction as jealousy. But what was she really thinking?

“She was the spectre at the banquet,” James said. “When she arrived, everyone else was chatting and laughing, but she sat in the pews just looking to one side – gazing reflectively into space and biting her lips slightly.”

“She was doing that at the end as well. It was almost the soap opera part of the ceremony.”

So there you have it – six moments that you probably missed from the Royal wedding. Or, if we are totally honest, five. It wouldn’t have taken a body language expert to work out that Davy wasn’t exactly comfortable watching the man she dated for seven years marry someone else!

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