Ed Sheeran’s Security Guard Created An Instagram, And It’s Way Better Than His Boss’s

May 30, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

In 2015, Ed Sheeran was given a security guard after his fans started to become a little grabby. But thanks to social media, we are now aware that it is actually his knight in shining armor who’s grabbing not only Ed’s attention but also the internet! People from all over the world can’t seem to get enough of his posts.

Kev, the man who travels around the globe with the famous singer to keep him secure, has recently created an Instagram account. After a few weeks of sharing pictures, it already racked him up almost 300,000 followers!

With the username security key, he wrote in his bio that he’s the PA to the star. His IG mainly consists of hilarious and embarrassing photos of Ed that come with amusing captions. Keep on scrolling to see why Kev is now the champion of Instagram!
Security Kev, who’s keeping Ed Sheeran safe for three years now, has recently created an Instagram account.

The photos he shares show the connection he has with the famous singer.

He’s not afraid to troll his fiery-hair boss that he started adding funny captions to the photos.

After posting the first pic on April 9, 2018, he has already gained almost 300,000 followers.

His pics also show how good he is at what he does!

Their bond is stronger than a simple boss-employee relationship, and here’s the evidence!

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