Choose your crystal to receive a special message.

May 07, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Receive your own message by looking at the image below and focusing on which crystal your attention is most drawn to, then scroll down to see your message!

1) Diamond

You are the perfectionist even when it comes down to the little things in life, you are skilled at the organization and take time to go through your tasks thoroughly. You enjoy the finer things of life and so you should, after all, you deserve it. You have worked hard to get where you are now and you should be proud of your achievements. You are also a very strong minded and wise person other's may seek you for your strength and wisdom.

2) Citrine

You are a very balanced and practical person.Your Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras are now opening and directing personal power and creativity to manifest in your life. You are also very much consider as a free thinker and do not allow event or people to crush your hopes and dreams. You also attract money into your life very easily, you always seem to get what you want whenever you need it. 

3) Amethyst

You may have or recently been dealing with emotional issues. Remember to practice your breathing, and to allow your emotions to go. We can not hide or bottle up our emotions as they will always reappear. You are also very in-touch spiritually, meditation will aid you in firstly a healthy outlet for your emotions and will also, bring you closer to your true self and the world of spirituality. 

4) Hematite

You are a very calm and down to earth person. You tend to handle stressful situations with a calm and collected approach. People enjoy to be around you due to your calming nature, others find it very soothing. Spending time in nature alone and practicing meditation, will bring you closer to mother nature, your true self and of course the universe. 

5) Quartz

Search through your family history and may be very surprised to learn that you come from, a family of natural healers. You are also a natural healer and are able to heal those around you, easily just by your intent and focus. You have a pure and honest soul and are here to help humanity. Studies in the holistic healing therapies will benefit you greatly. 

6) Rose Quartz

You have an element of pure and true in your life, no matter what your situation. You are a kind, caring and loving person to everyone one meet. People are drawn to you for your gentle and caring approach to life's challenging situations. You have a beautiful aura, and are and a  certain tenderness to others that is hard to find.

7) Tigers Eye

You have a strong connection to the earth and mother nature. Tending to the earth brings you peace and a sense of fulfillment. You are also a very powerful person even if you do not know it. You also have a strong to connection to helping and healing animals. Your ability to get things done to high standard and also a specific deadline is something that others envy. 

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