Choose A Picture And Receive Your Message!

May 01, 2018 lilit 0 Comments


A guidance for you 

It is as though you are walking a tightrope at the moment and you are trying very hard to keep everything all together. You will be fine so keep going. There is still plenty of work to do as it is a time for you to let go of old conflicts. Take a good hard look and decide what needs to be shifted out. Think of yourself at the moment – make what is important to YOU a priority. If you consider others too much at present in how a decision will affect them, you may not go after what you need. It is a time for action. Let those ideas take shape and pursue them to develop them further. It is a time of clearing of the old so there is some good positive light coming in. So stay focused. Love & Bless, Jade


B guidance for you 

It is a part of life to have unfilled expectations but you don’t have to spend too much time focusing on what’s not right in your life. Lift your head up and breathe deep and start thinking about what you DO want and set about some plans to bring in what you need. Your guides have wrapped you in love and healing, you are stronger than yesterday. Keep your heart open and focus on you. Love & Bless Jade


C guidance for you

Stand strong and feel proud. Yes there is changes and adjustments that you have had to make ( or need to make) but you are standing proud and being true to you. Your Guides are with you as can confidently think and plan for what you want in the future. Love & Bless.

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